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  1. I tried many different Chin ROMs, but most of them do not have the market. I only found 1-2 Android 2.3 roms
  2. On my phone a multi-color bar appeared. There are 2 buttons on the flasher/ bin tool menu, the upper one is the 'browse' button and will enable you to select the required file. If you can 'push' the lower button of the flasher /bin tool menu, everything is installed correctly, and then after pushing the 'lower button' you just need to wait till the tool flashes the phone.
  3. I happen to reinstall windows 7 (English) on my Netbook and also checked if it is possible to upgrade to v2.3. This time i only used the 2 files mentioned in KomatoZZZnik's post. Steps: 1. download the 2 files mentioned in KomatoZZZnik's post. 2. unzip them (e.g. to D:\ ) 3. remove battery from the ZTE U880 4. connect the usb to the phone (not yet to the PC) 4. hold the Vol Up button and connect usb to the PC: the Phone will be in Flash mode 5. wait for Windows 7 to install the phone 6. Check the device manager (there is an unknown device) and go to the driver folder which is in the flasher directory 7. install the driver 8. after successful installation, the unknown device should be gone 9. remove phone, wait for 10 sec and connect again holding the Vol Up bottom, do this twice. 10. go to the flasher directory and run Bin Tool 11. select the desired .bin file. The lower button of the flasher program is the start button. If it does not work, try to reboot your PC or connect/disconnect the phone several times
  4. I did not use CWR.. You need to enter flash mode. I try to check later today and update my instructions
  5. I think you need to download the drivers for the the U880 phone which are on ZTE.com.cn website. Not sure if other drivers work. http://www.zte.com.cn/cndata/mobile/mobileinfo/201106/t20110607_237277.html The download link is the 4th download link (counted from the top). The file is 147Mb unzip the file. The drivers are also inside. make sure that the driver is installed correctly. Download the 2 files mentioned in KomatoZZZnik's post. Then unzip the files. Start the flash program Take the battery out of the U880 Connect the U880 to the PC while holding Volume Up + Power Select the .bin file you downloaded from KomatoZZZnik Then click on the Flash button and it should work. Sorry for the crappy instructions, I am using someone else PC and am writing this from my memory.
  6. Use the flasher program. Note that you need to take out the battery (and leave it out) and then connect the phone to the PC.
  7. The not working SKYPE is a common/known issue. I browsed some Chinese website and it seems that there are many issues with ZTE / Chinese android devices and Skype. Meanwhile I have installed Whatsapp, Viber and Tango and these all work without any issues.
  8. Yesterday I successfully flashed this ROM. It's v2.3 It looks great and I successfully installed Viber and Whatsapp. Skype is still not working.
  9. I also have the 'SKYPE not working' problem after installing the custom ROM
  10. Would it be possible if someone backup a working ROM with the correct Baseband and then post it here? CWM is working, but i can only flash 2.2 custom roms, and all have the same NO SIM CARD / Baseband: Unknown issue.
  11. No SIM - issue In the About Phone menu it says: Baseband Unknown How to flash the baseband or reflash back to stock? I can get into CWM and can the phone works (e.g. WIFI works), except the phone call/receive calls does not work
  12. I checked the system\app directory, there was no stk.apk. I copied the file into the folder and rebooted, but it still says No Sim. Tried to click on the stkjun.apk but there was a problem with parsing.
  13. Got the same problem. After flashing the phone (needed several attemps) everything is working EXCEPT the phone function. It says NO SIM installed. I do have WIFI access.
  14. I also just bought this phone and now waiting for delivery. Where did you find the latest firmware? Can you post a link or send me an pm? Thanks!
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