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  1. Some more discount for you and everyone here! Please use ModacoRocks on checkout for both screen overlays and cases. Cheers!
  2. Hope you enjoy the screen protector and the jelly case! If anyone's interested in getting the same 50% offer, please enter VivaModaco2013 upon checkout! Cheers :D
  3. Link to the product page: http://www.casesss.c...del=151&pid=833 Just want to let you guys know that soft gel case for Vivacity (Atlas W/Telenor Touch Plus) is now 50% off plus a free clear screen protector! All you need is to enter the coupon code VivaModaco on checkout. Just a reminder though, because of the high volume of shipments at the postal service, orders received after 5 December may not be delivered as your Christmas gift! Merry Christmas and happy holiday in advance! :D
  4. eBay charges are too high and leaves us no profit unless selling at 10 quid plus. :( Check out the YouTube video and there's a discount code for it. Thanks!
  5. Check out the overclocking kernel ROM, it has a patch for upside down camera.
  6. Sorry for bombarding this thread, but I found the solution is brilliantly simple! Just a few copy and paste did the magic of correcting the MAC address: I am now a happy Vivacity user! :D
  7. Could anyone please give me some advise? I bought Vivacity for making soft jelly cases (see video below:) and now I want to flash some ROMs. I bought this second hand and it has been rooted and flashed. All things good except it is in Chinese. Now I have flashed to FishnChips and found that WIFI isn't working, MAC address stays 11:22:33:44:55 so I reverted back to the backed-up ROM. It worked fine again. I thought it was specific ROM problem, so tried switching to another ROM again, but same issue. Phone doesn't write MAC address and it wouldn't connect to any WIFI spot. I read about changing MAC address, but my situation is, it does not connect to WIFI except going back to the original ROM. Appreciated if you guys can tell me it is a common issue and how it can be fixed. Cheers!
  8. Sorry guys, due to quality issue we won't be releasing the retail version of screen overlay. However I still had few samples with me if you are interested in looking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhB6Yxmrbog But we do offer TPU cases for T-Mobile Vivacity/Telenor Touch Plus: http://www.casesss.com/product.aspx?model=151&pid=750 I picked up this model just for making soft cases (and supposedly screen overlay) for less than 50 quid, not a bad deal! But I flashed a few modded 2.3.x ROMs and all suffered from unstable WIFI (something like doesn't write MAC address and dropout) and/or freezing camera issue. Is this supposed to be like this?
  9. dimi89: May I ask if you still have battery issue or have switched to another ROM?
  10. We will need to have more feedback for white machine, it seems most people has got the black one. :)
  11. If you guys can wait, we will be making something like these. It covers the frame (and T-mobile imprint) perfectly. Please reply to show your interests. http://www.casesss.com/product.aspx?model=12&pid=39
  12. Please enter modaco5off for 5% off across all Grand X accessories :D http://www.casesss.c....aspx?model=133
  13. Thanks for the take-ups! Please let me know if anyone's interested in getting more of these feel free to make use of the new ones: 5F5BB745566EA10302E0 AF029AC439DA9C245790 6E7D1D62979463C7D3FA
  14. If anyone wants to take up the offer, please make use of the unused codes by the end of this week: 7225463A3D72AB2C5084 88B986E67F962ABC6CA0 CF321BFD93E96F896E1E B55592439B67F4A2561E :D
  15. I own a Monte Carlo myself so at least it is working fine for me ;)
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