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  1. Do you mind me asking what price they charged you for the upgrade? My 12 months are up again with T Mobile, i rang them yesterday, they just said they dont have the Touch Pro 2, but they have the Diamond 2. I can see the phone is on Mobilephonesdirect.co.uk my contract is roughly £40 a month, without extra charges, including WNW. What kind of price would i be looking at to upgrade it to another 12 month contract on same terms? Thanks
  2. On TMobile by any chance or is it the Touch Pro 2 for me? :D ;)
  3. Hello everyone, Pretty much as thread title, i currently have a Samsung Omnia, the battery life is shocking, have to recharge it every night :) Anyway, my 12 months is due up within the next few weeks and i would appreciate some recomendations on what to upgrade to, as i said i currently have an Omnia, before i changed the Omnia, i had each of the Varios, 1,2,3 and 4, went from Vario 4 to Omnia last year. I don't know any other phones that are similar to the Vario and Omnia, so my choice is between the Touch Pro 2 or the Omnia 2, is the Omnia 2 even coming to T Mobile? I am leaning more to Omnia 2 because of screen and Camera. Is there another phone i should be looking at? I'd prefer to stay with T Mobile, i only want another 12 month contract and T Mobile seem fine with that, well they have up until now ;) Thanks for any advice ;)
  4. As per title, looking to upgrade shortly from Omnia, just wondering if and when the Omnia 2 is likely to be available on contract in the UK and on which networks? Thanks
  5. Scratch the contacts question, ive found it ;) Tomtom is seriously doing my nut in tho, everything i do, nothing changes arghhhhh
  6. Still getting to grips with the Omnia. Few questions, i have set an MP3 for the sms tone, except it is silent when screen is off? What do i do or need to have films on the phone? I have tried transferring a few across from my pc, on playback on my phone, it plays back green and best described as the mirror image, everything is opposite and green!! My Contacts are on my sim, i have had to duplicate them, so i can add pictures and ringtones, now i have 2 of everyone when searching to call someone, can i remove the sim contacts from sight, without deleting them, obviously on phones in the future id like to keep all the numbers. There are more, but i spend most of the time trying to get tt6 to work with no success ;) I have had a look through the settings but cant find anything. Im sure these are straight forward fixes and would appreciate an insight. Thanks
  7. Still having no joy with Tom Tom 6, anyone who has got it to work, could you possibly point out where im going wrong? Otherwise its time to price up an alternative sat nav system for the Omnia which i dont want to do, as i like TT6 Thanks for any help.
  8. Thanks for the reply, but you will have to excuse my ignorance as i am not very techie. I have found a download of port splitter, but what do i do with it?
  9. Can anyone give me a definate answer on whether Tom Tom 6 works on the Omnia, the best i can get is, it installs, i select the language, then the phone goes back to today screen. I need Tom Tom for my job and am currently carrying both my Omnia and my Vario 3, it works perfectly on my Vario 3. If i cant get it to work, i think i may have to send my Omnia back and wait for the Vario 4, which i dont really want to....... Thanks
  10. Could someone please give me a bit of guidance to get my Tom Tom 6 working on my Omnia. My TT6 is on my memory card in my Vario 3, received my Omnia, so i put my memory card into it, TT started to run, but when i get to language choice, as soon as i click on English, it just got back to the today screen and thats all. Should i transfer all the files to the phones memory, if so where? Thanks for any help, currently still have to carry round my Vario3 for Sat Nav use.
  11. Today i received my branded T Mobile Omnia. The ROm is HH7, is that a new one? Also i cant get Tom Tom 6.010 to work on there? I click on English Uk and it goes back to today page and then nothing? Does it work on the Omnia? The Tom Tom is the main question for now, im sure ill have more, but havent had time to play with it yet and i need to be up early.......
  12. Yeah they said they would do a better deal if i stepped up to an 18 month contract, but im happy on a 12 month deal, means i can upgrade every year ;)
  13. Thanks for the reply Fursie, i was hoping they would match the offer. My contract is £43 a month with T Mobile, i can go to Vodafone for the same price, the only difference is, i will get 100 less texts, but as i phone rather than text, i dont see that as a problem. The only problem is, the other half is on T Mobile also and her contract isnt minutes to anyone, just T Mobile and land lines, so for that reason, i want to stay with T Mobile. Maybe if i ring them back and ask them about when i can get my pac, they might be more willing to match the deal, doubtful as i have already got an end of contract date, but we will see. ;)
  14. Im on Relax 35 + WnW, i was told it would be £50 to upgrade. You can get the phone free on Vodafone with a £35 a month contract, told them i would go there, if they can't do the phone for free..... T Mobile can't/won't match it, so gave my months notice. I would rather stay with T Mobile, so now my contract runs out in a month, are T Mobile likely to come back to me and ask me to stay? Or should i just go straight to Voda now?
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