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  1. Anyone getting a slow camera focus and slow shutter speed on this pre bake? Was very fast on the last mcr.... I tried full wipe but very long delay between button press to photo take... :-(
  2. http://www.dutycalculator.com/new-import-d...ax-calculation/
  3. it's not so great on a phone. But for tablets, it's great!
  4. It really is fast! CM7 put me off by lagging, no hardware acceleration and dodgy wifi. Will love it when it is fixed with all those tablet tweaks! I also miss the 2.3 cut and paste method!
  5. I'm now a big fan of cyanogenmod roms - very lean and no need for a2sd with ext partitions when you resize the partition table! ROMs without sense seem faster to me too! see here for a how to... http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=806321 I went for a 120MB /system and /20MB cache, leaving 300MB for data! woo hoo!
  6. Ivan's reign of terror is over. I find tuna is a sturdier fish... Happy Christmas
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