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    HTC S710
  1. Thanks for the link! Doh! I thought that it was tri-band UMTS 850/1900 and 2100 - I guess that rules it out for me then as I wanted 3G capability. I agree that it's not the world's best looking phone, but I wanted something to tide me over until the Sony Ericsson X1 is launched. I use an HTC S710 day to day, but am finding it a bit slow and no 3G access is a pain for any kind of web browsing. I also use a BlackBerry Curve supplied by my work, but hate the user interface of that. I've also got an HTC Shadow, but don't really like the keyboard so that doesn't get used, and an iPhone, which I have a love/hate relationship with - I love the web browsing capability when on wi-fi, but find the interface features a bit simplistic. I also hate iTunes and the need to convert any Divx videos to MP4 format in order to view. Hurry up Sony.... :D
  2. As the title says really - I like the look and spec of the i617 and would like to be able to buy one for use in the UK. Has anyone sourced one in the UK (or imported from the USA) and using it successfully on a UK 3G network? Thanks!
  3. TDK

    Backing-Up Text Messages

    Thanks for the info!
  4. I've got an HTC S710 and all you need to do is plug it in (it is a tight fit) - there is nothing to configure on the phone.
  5. I want to do a clean install of my Vox, but need to retain the various text messages that are currently stored on my phone. Is it possible to back these up and if so how? I've taken a look in the file explorer, but can't see any obvious location for them. Thanks...Simon.
  6. Yup, I've got one and it works fine!
  7. TDK

    Stuck on Silent

    Have you tried a hard reset? That should establish whether the phone is faulty (and thus needs to be returned) of if a setting or installed piece of software is to blame.
  8. TDK

    Bluetooth Headsets and A2DP

    Cool, I've just made the registry changes and it now sounds much better! (Although, still not quite as good as my wired headphones) Thanks!
  9. TDK

    Bluetooth Headsets and A2DP

    I'm running an HTC S710 and it does include the A2DP profile - that's what gives us the Wireless Stereo profile - and has been included in Windows Mobile since version 5.0
  10. TDK

    Bluetooth Headsets and A2DP

    It's not the headphones, it's the (Windows Mobile) phone. I have similar Sony Bluetooth headphones that when connected to the Vox sound awful - yet when connected to my friends Sony Ericsson phone sound very good indeed. In fact I tried them on my MTeoR a couple of weeks back and they sounded equally bad. It's a real shame as they're very convenient when I'm travelling on the train every day.
  11. They're readily available on eBay... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...em=320106365712
  12. TDK

    Backlight won't turn off!

    I used regeditSTG2
  13. Any value will work as it's the time in seconds before the display switches off.
  14. The Core Pocket Media Player - whilst it does technically work, installing it on your Vox means that the backlight never completely turns off (it just dims down) unless you lock the phone. There is a work around, as posted by laita56 - change the following registry key: HKCU/CONTROL PANEL/POWER then values and change it to 30 or 60.
  15. No need to rip it off - just use a very small jewellers screwdriver to pry it out... It's very easy to do and took me out 10 seconds. This way you can always put it back at a later date.

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