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  1. Still available?
  2. Is this boxed with accessories? Thanks.
  3. NOTE: I'm on AVF and PSC as mobileaddict. Couple of cases. Both excellent condition. The Spigen case is also boxed.£13 for both. Can split.Official Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Protective Stand Cover Case - BlackGalaxy Note 8 Case Thin Fit
  4. I'm finding this is an issue when you are not holding the phone, e.g. the phone is resting on a desk and the buttons will not work, as soon as I pick the phone up they work fine.
  5. Hi all, Managed to pick up a HTC One, but it's locked to T-mobile/Orange/EE, I've tried one mobile unlocking site (mentioned on xda) and they failed to return a unlock code (refunded automatically). Other users on xda have had success with the same company, but they were locked to different operators, not T-mobile. Anyone managed to successfully unlock from a T-mobile locked device? Thanks! P.S. Tried HTCCODE but they don't seem to be able to do this handset currently.
  6. As someone who had the LG2X for a week, I would wholeheartedly recommend the move. It is lighter but feels robust (for some reason it feels better then the original Galaxy, which I had for a few days but ditched as it felt too light/cheap). Screen is better, runs much much faster. No random reboots/blank screens. Easy to root. List goes on, as someone who like Paul has probably had every Android phone release, it does appear to be the best yet.
  7. Information from XDA. If you are on the generic (i.e. non-operator) rom XEU, then an update is available in Kies: PDA:KE1 PHONE:KDJ CSC:KD1 (XEU) Not sure if we will loose root etc., so probably best waiting for the experts (Paul) to have a look first before flashing.
  8. On battery front, you really need to give it a few days of charge/discharge to let it condition itself. Experience with the Desire HD which had dire battery life initially was that it improved significantly after about 10 days.
  9. Any to answer my own question, my contract one has just arrived and is unlocked :-) Just a O2 screen on startup and shutdown.
  10. Hi Lots of discussion on HUKD and XDA as to if the O2 version will be locked or unlocked. Can anyone who has received theirs or will receive today check the sim lock status? In the event it is locked can anyone recommend an unlocking company? I‘m sure Paul tweeted it would be around £10 to unlock.
  11. Can someone post another link, rapidshare is playing up for me. Thanks.
  12. I'd stick to T-mobile - 500mb is not much with Android, rather have the 3GB unlimited!
  13. Available much cheaper with mobilephonedirect. Read about it here: http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/htc-desire...sire-hd-/760690
  14. News and weather widget issues also reported on Google Nexus forums. http://www.google.com/support/forum/p/andr...2f7ec&hl=en
  15. saquib


    Hi In Chorley (PR6) so face to face swap possible. Saquib P.S. Appalling happenings today in your area.
  16. saquib


    Interested - sent you a pm.
  17. Thanks Paul. Have you tested Wireless Tether, will it work out of the box ?
  18. Have you left the bootable usb plugged in and it's trying (and failing) to boot from that ? Remove all usb sticks and sd cards and try again.
  19. Just edited my post above, clearing the cache fixed the issue for me. Thumbnail view is great and browser seems faster for me.
  20. Another browser related item - but good news this time :-) Thumbnails have started working!
  21. Yep, no joy. But plus side browser appears much faster! P.S. Clearing the cache has fixed the issue!
  22. Odd browser issue. BBC site is not formatting properly, but loads superfast. See attached image. In-line flash contact is also not appearing anymore for the BBC News site, where as it did on previous roms. But, content on bbc.co.uk/iplayer appears OK. P.S. Clearing the cache has fixed. Odd.
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