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  1. Which CPU? fastboot -i 0x0502 oem device-infos
  2. Sincerely I don't remember... and the phone is actually used by my wife so I cannot check now, but I'm 80%/85% to have installed the Reca one
  3. I installed it without any issue on -1 CPU... you firstly have to unlock the bootloader
  4. If CPU type is -1, here's the guide: http://www.modaco.com/topic/363566-tut-how-to-bootloader-unlock-with-cpu-type8260a-1-and-install-cm10/#entry2138762 Elsewhere you can use (but probably also for -1 CPU) the Acer Cloudmobile Tool 0.4A, option 20
  5. ...then it seems you've to keep it not RW until you need it... btw if I'm not wrong in SuperUser/SuperSU there should be an option to temporary unroot a device
  6. ...after 1 year I suppose he already sent the phone to warranty service ;)
  7. Furthermore, trying to download it it brings you to a "join survey" page and if I'm not wrong to a downloader... make the sum by yourself ;-)
  8. ...see my answer on the other thread...
  9. It's only a fake, I found in the past a really similar link related to S510, where they describes a procedure to fully root it... one of the steps was to install CWM recovery, but such recovery doesn't exist for that device! :-D
  10. If, as he said, the battery was removed and replaced with another one, the reboot was alredy forced... without success, as I can see ;-)
  11. If nothing happens neither with the adapter nor with a different (charged, I suppose) battery, I'm afraid that the only solution is to send it to service repair...
  12. ...the same on mine...
  13. BIN_Acer_AV051_S500_RV10RC05_EMEA_MBSD.zip?
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