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  1. When I was trying ICS out on my desire z I came across this issue - on the Phoneweaver web site they explained it was an ICS issue, but said that some custom rom makers had reverted to split volumes and Phoneweaver would automatically with either and pick up and use the split volumes if available.
  2. I have found a cheap vent mounted holder that is adjustable enough for the various buttons/socket etc on the Desire Z. Cost me £4 from an amazon seller "Duragadget Car Swival Air vent mount holder cradle for HTC DESIRE Z" Its not 'wow amazing' but it does the job. Their service was good even though at the first attempt they sent me a leather ipad case - all resolved quickly and easily though.
  3. I do (says the lone voice in the wilderness.....)
  4. Without having seen this in great detail, I worry that it looks like losing the things i like about my 6.5.3 TP2. (Which by the way, if it had a bit more oomph to deal with Sense 2.5 a little more easily, would just be fantastic as far as I am concerned)
  5. I upgraded to a TP2 in September 2009 as the HD2 was not quite around then (and I preferred a keyboard anyway), and because I figured that by the time my 18 months was up, WM7 would be out natively on phones, there would at least be a choice of handsets, and the guys at XDA would have started to get to grips with it. I am more than happy with my decision and its timing.....
  6. Seems to make sense to me, why bring out lots of phones prior to Windows 7 release? If I was them, I would be focussing my Windows development on native Windows 7 phones now. Hence the higher number of Android phones.
  7. Could you wait for the Leo? More network options I believe. I require a keyboard and so went for the TP2 on Vodafone. Your options make the Orange option pretty expensive over the 18 months (£740 vs the Vodafone £450).
  8. Just tried it - it downloaded and installed the new marketplace OK, but then failed as it said the server was unavailable. Will try again later....
  9. Even with the Leo coming out, I am still happy with my decision. It is not clear whether the Leo will be officially upgradeable to WM7 (although I am sure they will port it). I have not seen any leaks about the keyboard version, so I guess that will be 2010 at the earliest. Generally I like to give a phone 3 months in the wild for the bugs to be found and HARDSPL to be created. My concern was that if I hold off till say early 2010, I would have to sit out the wave of new WM7 proper phones when they arrive. This way it SHOULD arrive in late 2010, and so when I come out of contract in say feb 2011 I should be all set. If I had not been fussed about a keyboard however, then I might have wanted to wait for the Leo, although there was no solid info when I had to make the decision.
  10. I Don't know whch version it is but as for removing the vodafone stuff - depends on how much you value the warranty. Mine had the Vodafone ROM on it for about four days before I flashed a windows mobile 6.5 based rom on it. I really love that phone now. If you are willing to read, then google 'Rhodium Hardspl' and take it from there. (If you are not willing to read, then you probably deserve the brick you will end up with instead of a phone)
  11. UPDATE: I have had my TP2 for around a week although the PAC only transferred yesterday. I really liked the original TP and though I would actually continue using that a lot of the time, especially since I put mobile shell on it. I thought the TP2 size would be an issue. The only problem I had with the Vodafone ROM on the TP2 was that my bluetooth headsets would not intiate MS voice command, which is a big issue for me. This is due to the bluetooth stack on the TP2 ROMs apparently. BUT. I have put NRGs 23016 ROM (WM 6.5) on it, installed all my favourite stuff, the bluetooth seems to work properly 'out of the box' now, and actually, it does not feel anywhere near as much of a brick as I thought it would. In fact, I am not sure my old TP2 will be turned back on (except for Beach Days etc) or to satisfy my fom flashing obsession (as the NRG one on my TP2 seems like a keeper!) Now I actually have the phone, it is much better than I expected.
  12. Well, I have requested my PAC from O2. If their new catalogue does not appear next week with a nice new TP2 or better in it, then off to Vodafone I go. Always nice to get a new phone for my birthday.
  13. I guess my concern is less about te TP2 being a step up, and more about the fact that if I commit to it now, I am ruling out anything better for 18 months. Conversely, if I do not do it now, I may be forced to later if nothing better has come along, at which point I woul face 18 months before being able to get another new phone......Guess its a gamble on what is coming soon.
  14. I am now at the end of my 18 month contract with 02, and have a dilemma. I like my phone (XDA serra), and have got used to having a phone sized phone rather than a brick. O2 (in store anyway) apparently no longer do the Serra, or anything that is keyboard equipped that meets my requirements. (ie HTC windows mobile). I actually got the Serra 6 months ago as the 02 insurance could not replace my Stellar as it had been discontinued and so had to give me a Serra. If I stay with 02 in the hope that their september catalogue shows some new devices, I can go onto one of their simplicity tariffs month by month, and save myself around £14 per month. But, if they do not, and it seems there are rumours about o2 focussing on the iphone and not really bothering much with WM, then if I have to make an insurance claim (I do have two young daughters - once I found my phone in a bucket of water in the garden), and they do not have what I would call an equivalent available, I will be palmed off with something I don't want, and would move to another network to get a decent phone. That in turn however would require signing an 18 month contract, and could happen say 2 months before the release of my ideal phone, making for a long wait - if you see what I mean. Ideally I would consider something like the rumoured HTC Leo (with keyboard) although it looks huge. But in reality the phone I would really want will probably not be on the networks for 6 - 9 months at least. So I could go with my other option, and move to Vodafone, get a free TP2 and save about a fiver a month compared to now, but be in an 18 month contract. I should be free therefore just after the arrival of WM7. But I understand the TP2 is not much of an upgrade from the TP. (But bigger). At least it has Hard SPL now. Any thoughts/suggestions?
  15. Quick note re simple kitchens if you are interested: Basically, the kitchen takes a rom file (.nbh) and breaks it down in about 4 or 5 steps into its constituent parts. there is then a tool made by the great Bepe which turns some of these into 'packages'. you end up with a series of folders some of which contain packages (a package is a folder containing all the files and registery entries etc pertaining to a specific function or programme). You can either delete packages, add packages, or change them. Then you basically reverse the process from the start to combine everything back up into a rom. (This is a very simplistic way of explaining it) What Da_G and others helpfully do, is share the kitchen at the halfway stage. Hence with the simple kitchen, when you unzip the files, you will get a directory with everything you need already set up in packages etc. You run a piece of software that basically provides you with a list of packages, all with tick boxes. choose the options you want, hit Go and the rest of the process is fully automated and produces a final .nbh that can be flashed to your phone. Adding packages in is easy, just drop them in the packages folder (making sure they have an option.xml) and they will apear in the list for you to choose. This way, the rom already has some of Da_Gs tweaks that are a little more complex for the average noob like me. This is the easiest way of 'cooking' although it is really reheating. I use the other full kitchen to break down other roms to get packages to insert into mine. Some roms are protected and cannot be broken down in this way. There are plenty of chefs who continue to share however, with Da_G being excellent. Just my thoughts in case they help.
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