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  1. I'm using the Scandinavian version of TT6 too. Works great here also;) I only need a GPS receiver. I'm planning on buying one from eBay (Brand New 42 Channel Bluetooth GPS Receiver). Usually goes for around £26/€40 including shipping from Hong Kong :)
  2. Tap on the "Internet dialing" on Today screen and select "Whenever available". Then connect to WiFi and try to make a call. Now it should say your VoIP's name instead of your operator. Disable WiFi or change the "Whenever available" option to call normally.
  3. I have a question: If a Touch user with Norwegian ROM dumps his ROM with your guide, would I be able to flash my UK Touch with his ROM dump without problems ?
  4. Here you go: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=AMKEGUI6 It's from my UK HTC Touch. The RAR archive includes: Network_Wizard.htm NetworkWizard.0409.mui NetworkWizard.cpl NetworkWizard.exe NetworkWizardAuto.exe
  5. Sounds like a lot of work :) I'll get used to it and it is easy scrolling through contacts with finger-scrolling :P
  6. I'm using VoIPDiscount.com. Does it show your VoIP provider in the phonepad? If it works on your PC it should work from your phone. Double check your settings (sip, port, username/password).
  7. Thanks for the replys. I forgot to update this thread as I've answered my own question after getting the Touch. You can use the WM6VoIP hack to get VoIP to work with the integrated SIP client in WM6. Read more in the other thread I made in the HTC Touch forum.' When you use fring, does the sound from the person you call come through the phone speaker or the back speaker?
  8. It worked for me.. It says "Searching" all the time though but you can still call if you choose "whenever available" (tap on the Internet Calling on Today screen) and turns on WiFi. It will state your VoIP provider's name in the dial pad instead of your operator's name.
  9. I can't give you the memory stats (don't want to do a hard reset:P) but I can give you my ROM version etc..: ROM version: 1.11.405.1B WWE Rom date: 05/24/07 Radio version: 02.93.90 ExtROM version: 1.11.405.101
  10. Ok thanks. Guess i have to live with it then :\
  11. I just place the .mp3's in Application Data\Sounds and they will show up in the column where you select the sounds for sms and alarms. Tested on Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone and Windows Mobile 6 Professional.
  12. Does anyone know how to avoid Windows Live adding all my MSN contacts to my phonebook ? When i logged on to MSN it forced me to sync my contacts :-( Maybe it's possible to hide them ? I'm using the HTC Touch with Windows Mobile 6
  13. Go to SMS/MMS. Select menu on the bottom right. Select New - MMS. Select Custom Select menu on the bottom right again and then click on Options - MMS options. Go to servers and select new. You can probably find the settings other ways too, but thats how i found it.
  14. Well, to answer my own question: Yes it is possible:) I just installed the WM6VoIP.cab posted in the xda-developers.com thread, did a soft-reset and configured my VoIP provider with the SIPConfigTool (found Here and tapped on the Internet calling button on the Today screen and select "Whenever available". Now just connect your WiFi and it should say Searching.. on the Today screen (well it should say Available and when you tap it it should change to selected but that didn't work on the Touch). Now go to the Phone Dialpad and it should say your VoIP provider's name instead of your networks name. Start dial!
  15. You can install HTC Phone Pad on the Touch. You can download the .cab by searching for "PhonePad.rar" on google. should be the second one. Don't know if it's allowed to upload it directly here or post the direct url. Screenshots from another user using Phone Pad on the touch: Looks good :rolleyes: Included T9 Languages: English German French Italian Spanish Portuguese Danish Finnish Norwegian Swedish
  16. Great. If it says so on the website then it probably supports it :rolleyes: Looks like the cards not available yet but norwegian shops are getting them mid-july (unconfirmed).
  17. I've heard rumors that the Touch supports MicroSD SDHC (4GB). Can anyone confirm that? Just ordered the Touch today and should arrive by monday. Can't wait!!
  18. Ah great to hear! I will be ordering this from the UK this week:) Pricing has gone down £10 too so thats great. I simply can't wait for it to be released in Spain. I need to Touch it. NOW! :rolleyes:
  19. Can anyone with the HTC Touch check if it includes the "Internet Calling" option? Don't know where you find it but you can read more on this thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=299950
  20. Hi. I am planning on buying the HTC Touch with Windows Mobile 6 and wanting to know if it includes a VoIP/SIP client (Internet calling?)?. Does anyone know?
  21. I've read somewhere else that you can use a 3rd party software to get a full screen keyboard. THIS for example. Could anyone try this and see if it works?
  22. I received the replacement card today and it was a different brand 2GB mini sd card. Don't know what brand it is, as it dosn't say anything... But the new card worked 100% in my phone! Now I have about 1.90GB to play with :rolleyes:
  23. No I didn't, but i sent the card back to the seller. I'm waiting for a replacement. I'll post back when it arrives;)
  24. I tried formatting it via WM5torage but it failed to format. Now I can't access the card, or format it via my cardreader either. It must be the card?
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