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  1. I have the Palm messaging software from the Treo 750 running on my Vario II and it works a peach, Has no-one on Modaco noticed this is available yet? Google and all will be revealed! Edit http://ppcgeeks.com/threaded-sms-now-available-t978.html http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=280256
  2. Im having a software problem which I have found on 3 Vario II's if you are on the phone and someone else calls u, if u try and take the second call, I find the Vario crashe u lose both calls and have to soft reset, I find it doesnt manage two calls well at all, anyone else found this?
  3. Just got off the phone to T-Mobile, was told that Im not supposed to know about these tarrifs as they do not affect me, Went through to dealer support as I work for Carphone Warehouse and was told that any existing W&W tarriffs will stay the same if you are already on them, That is the
  4. A user called Asukal has found something that does exactly this and is decompiling it to work on all wm5 devices, will keep u posted as this could be really useful. http://forum.xda-developers.com/viewtopic.php?t=63156
  5. don't you think it would be awesome if there was a way you could push a button on the today screen that scrolled through these four settings, Silent Silent & Vibrate Ring Ring & Vibrate And it showwed you on the today screen what setting your on. I don't mean just the ringtone though, I mean all notifications. So when your out you can have it on vibrate cos its in your pocket but when ur at home it don't wobble across the table and disturb everyone without u having to change the settings for each individual alert. Is there anything that does this or does anyone know enough about the hardware to make something that does this?
  6. mwright "Sorry - could you expand on that a bit please? I cannot find any USB settings within ActiveSync - or is that somewhere else? Cheers" With the phone plugged in to usb go to settings --> connections --> usb settings and untick the box. Dr Who "Also WM5TORAGE works too!! YAY!" Not on my Vario II it don't. What version of WM5torage are you using? Im using 1.6 with Read-Only unticked and Removable Class ticked. Both LEDs are #1 and it works fine, I know a number of people it works fine with, wouldnt have a clue why it doesnt with you?
  7. For all those people having problems with ACTIVESYNC just go into USB settings and switch off extended functionality, Makes it quicker, more relliable, and it never freezes out! Also WM5TORAGE works too!! YAY!
  8. Swampcat? Is there any chance of a red reptile dialer screen? I use your red wa skin and ur red reptile today screen but the blue dialer looks outta place with the red vario II keyboard. Cheers
  9. Any chance of a red reptile dialer skin, goes really nice with the red VARIO II I find
  10. Waranty Issues replacement as I hadnt had mine 28 days, Mine is a HT364, and Im well impressed with it, U reckon they havve changed the hardware components or something?
  11. After waking up this morning, getting ready and grabbing me phone before I take the nippa 2 school, I hold down the power button to switch it on and get a brief flash of the orange led and a flash of white from the screen and then nudda! not a blip, take the battery out and put it back, again nothin! Tried charging it again (had been on charge all night mind) again nothin, didn't even register I'd plugged it in. Last dying effort, time for a hard reset, again to my surprise, nothing! It had officially died. T-Mobile no questions asked, replaced my phone on the spot without even having to check my one and I am using it now. I swear it is faster! I also swear it had a different boot up procedure when it did the tmobile configuration. I'm happy that all the keys work and I think the slide feels a bit more sturdy on this. Anyone else had any replacements?
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