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  1. andyfitter

    Orange World Browsing - unlimited data

    Best they seem to be able to offer me is one of the new panther tariffs that include 250MB, at £5 less than listed price. They are resolutely saying that there is no way to extend the OWB package, even though two CS reps told me it already had been extended. Looks like I might be off... TMob or Three I reckon, as they seem to be the only ones offering sensible data deals.
  2. andyfitter

    Orange World Browsing - unlimited data

    About 18 months ago, I was one of the lucky few to be offered the £8 per month truly unlimited data offer. According to my online account details, this bundle was to expire on the 11th, Tuesday. I am also out of contract by a month or so. I normally use around 150MB of data a month, and spend around £60 per month. On the 10th, I phoned up regarding the OWU bundle and if it could be renewed/extended, and if it could, I'd like to renew my contract/upgrade my phone. I was assured by customer services that it wouldn't be a problem, and I renewed my contract, and was offered an upgrade phone. I accepted this only on the grounds that the OWB unlimited package could be renewed. I was assured it had been. on the 11th, I called again, knowing how these things often go, to make sure the OWB package had been renewed. Initially she said it hadn't and tried to extend it but couldn't. She promised to call back. A few minutes later she called and said it had been extended OK with no expiry date. I logged into my account today, to see that OWB is gone, to be replaced by a monthly 30MB bundle, which is completely inadequate for my needs. I have basically been lied to, andhave now taken on a new contract under false pretenses. I confirmed with the CS operator that I only wanted to renew my contract if OWB could be renewed, and if not I would leave. Has anybody else managed to get there OWB unlimited bundle extended? If they have messed it up and it really isn't available, I am hoping that the 7 day distance selling rules apply and I can still tell them where to stick it. Andy.
  3. andyfitter

    Please explain "Symbian "

    Ever tried wikipedia? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Symbian
  4. andyfitter

    Orange HSDPA

    Are you saying that all I technically need is a new radio ROM, and no need to upgrade to WM6 to see the 'H'? I say this as I'm on radio ROM 1.38 but still the original WM5 system ROM, and I've definitely seen HSDPA traffic, but never seen the 'H' appear. Andy.
  5. andyfitter

    Spare back of phone for Vario II

    I've got a spare back for an M3100 that you're welcome to. Not sure if it's the same though?
  6. andyfitter

    Orange HSDPA

    Hi Rob, If you PM me your email address I'll send it to you. Andy.
  7. andyfitter

    Orange HSDPA

    I see that Orange has officially launched HSDPA, at least in London anyway, and branded it Orange 3G+ http://www.business.orange.co.uk/servlet/S...d=1044133173948 Is there anybody out there in London with an M3100 that has noticed any change? Apparently, using the 'fieldtest' application, if the page showing HSDPA CQI status shows anything other than zeros you are on HSDPA. I've seen this a number of times, with values ranging for 1 to 31, yet all the speed tests I've done I've never managed more than about 300kbps, the same as 'normal' 3G. Anybody know what needs to be done to take advantage of the bigger bandwidth? Andy.
  8. andyfitter

    Lost the back cover! for Spv 3100

    I've got a spare back cover if your one doesn't turn up. When my phone failed the replacement had one already, so ended up with two.
  9. andyfitter

    M3100 - Button remapping

    None at the moment, although have tried AE Button Plus and also Vito Button Mapper. Never make Video calls and figured the video call button would make an ideal 'task switcher' button.
  10. I'm looking for a way to remap the video call button on the front of my M3100. None of the button mappers I've seen seem to support it. Anybody know of one that does? Thanks. Andy.
  11. andyfitter

    Orange Issues - Post your complaints here

    I deleted my Orange WAP APN entirely as bizarrely, you can't properly access the Orange World Portal through it - if you don't use 'Orange Internet' it says it doesn't recognise you. It now looks like if you route traffic through the Orange WAP APN you don't get billed, even if traffic is external, but if you go through Orange Internet, you do, but in some strange unaccounted for way. Makes very little sense I must say.
  12. andyfitter

    Orange Issues - Post your complaints here

    Just had my first full bill with OWU and it makes little sense too. Here are the selected hilights... Orange World Browsing : Unlimited browsing Megabytes available at beginning of period 1000.0000 Inclusive megabytes used 100.5347 Service Plan megabytes next period 1000.0000 Megabytes available next period 1000.0000 .... data charges Originating network Place called Call class Megabytes Cost Orange Orange WAP Data 0.1253 0.000 Orange Orange Internet Data 105.7019 3.300 This seems to say I've used 100 or 105 MB, depending upon which part you believe. I just spoke to premier CS and their explanation was: "OWU is only for browsing the Orange World portal site, and that explains the 100.5437 MB. I also managed to use 105.7019MB off portal, connected to the internet, and I was billed
  13. andyfitter

    Screen alignment - M3100

    I got a call back the next day as did the person above so you may be in luck. And yes, my keyboard gradually got more loose over the 5 weeks I had it - both in terms of it accidentally starting to slide open in my pocket, and it also developing more 'play'. Think its just how they are.
  14. andyfitter

    Screen alignment - M3100

    Just got my replacement... Would like to think this is the one that will fix it once and for all, but not exactly hopeful. One thing that did surprise me was that Orange wanted to treat this as a claim against my Orange Care policy, even though I reckon it should be a repalcement under warranty.
  15. andyfitter

    Screen alignment - M3100

    For me that's pretty much it - Left hand edge is fine, and gets further out of alignment as you go across to the right. You then recalibrate it and it's ok, but it then drifts out again... and again. Makes the right scroll bar and OK buttons impossible to click at times.

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