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  1. I like the size of the Galaxy tab, and as someone who rarely uses their phone as a phone could probably cope with the tab as my main phone, but before I take the plunge is it up to what I would want a tablet for? Is there decent hand writing recognition software available - will turn script to text with reasonable accuracy? Are there reasonably good pen like styli available? Does anyone use it as an electronic note pad? Thanks.
  2. I can't sync with my exchange server, but if you can install activesync on your PC you can sync with your local outlook.
  3. Looks interesting - I found the Pogo one worked but was a little imprecise.
  4. I might try Android at some point in the future, I'm not particularly loyal :) QAt the moment though, Android offers no real advantages to me - I can do everything I want to with WinMo, and it has the advantage of easy syncing with Outlook and full compatability with Office, without going through various kludges or hunting round for semi-decent replacement software. That and the fact that the HD2 is probably the best current phone on the marketplace and it happens to run WM. ;)
  5. Thanks - no 800x480 is the right size. I think it's probably due to the 16bit colour palette
  6. I had a play with creating some simple colour gradiated wallpapers in Paint.Net - set the dimensions to 480x800, dpi to 217 and they look fine on the PC but they're horribly blocky on the HD2? Any bright ideas?
  7. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Nl1/Newsroom/DG_183423 Currently available for iphone, with Android coming soon. Worth pusking them for a WM version?
  8. Mine seems to work fine without the patch (1.48 English ROM). Good to see they're quick to fix these minor issues though.
  9. Mine arrived on Voda from mobiles.co.uk late Monday. Still finding my way around the phone, but no real issues so far. Blows my Diamond out of the water.
  10. Thanks. Ordered one whilst I wait for mobiles.co.uk to ship my HD2 - i should have guessed 'limited stock' really meant 'Out of stock'
  11. Canterbury branch had at least one in stock today. If in the four years since I left O2 they'd managed to get half-decent 3G coverage in Canterbury, and any 3G coverage in Faversham I'd have seriously considered getting one from them...
  12. Grrr - out of stock email (website still says limited stock). Hopefully it won't be long...
  13. I see there are a few generic ones available and HTC are rumoured to be producing one soon, but has anyone tried one?
  14. Three a quarter (or even half year) from one manufacturer seems quite good to me...
  15. Thanks. I stepped off the cliff and ordered one :D A 12 month contract with vodafone through mobiles.co.uk didn't work out much dearer than buying one sim free so I'll give their coverage ago - I liked T-mobile's customer service and 3G at home isn't bad, but lack of 3G in central Canterbury where I spend most of the day wasn't ideal. It will be interesting to see whether I'll still be using windowmobile in 12 months time - if Android (and the available devices) matures a bit more...
  16. Thanks in advance for anyone's advice. I've just had my HTC Diamond/MDA IV pinched and so am in urgent need of a replacement device (my contract expires in a month so rather than pay the home insurance excess, lose no claims bonus etc. I figure I might as well just get a new contract). Previous devices - Hermes apart from the odd stability issue I loved it. - Aforementioned Diamond - okay, but found it annoyingly sluggish, a bit small and the email client was flaky (Pop using Yahoo). How useable is the Leo/HD2 without access to a stylus? Any lag issues? Ringer volume? I'm torn between sticking with T-Mobile (decent coverage where I live but no 3G where I work, and cheap) or risking Vodafone - slightly dearer but maps show better 3G coverage. East Kent btw. Thanks for any thoughts. Richard
  17. Only had it a few days (dropped the faithful vario II and half the screen is unresponsive). A bit early to decide whether I like it or not. Size is great and I'm surprised at how little I miss the keyboard. Magnetic stylus port is nice. Still trying to get used to lack of scroll wheel and am unsure about touchflo - I'll give it a bit longer but might be uninstalling it. The GPs and google maps is nice, not sure about the Opera browser. Battery life seems a bit of an issue compared to the Vario II, but then the screen is so much better...
  18. The ADVERTISING SPAM leather flip case fits the compact IV well too.
  19. The Radio has failed on my Vario II. If I hard reset it works, but it won't work on the last backup. What I want to do is hard reset to get default working image then custom restore from SPB backup everything apart from the radio controllers. What files control the radio? Thanks
  20. Well my contracts not going to be up for renewal until March next year, but as my wife's is due the end of September I might have to persuade her that she's still happy with her Nokia 6230 (well I do pay her phone bill...). This is increasingly looking like a near perfect device for me.
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