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  1. Well that may be true in some cases but I just received a new code from eBay member 'e-unlocks' and it worked without having to revert to the Tesco ROM. In fact, they never asked me which network provider I was using.
  2. Actually the ROM does not store the unlocked status, its elsewhere in the phone's memory. Therefore, by changing ROM, you will not unlock and locked phone. Let me make it clear we are talking about network lock, not SIM card lock PIN or phone lock PIN/pattern. I've been given more codes by a different supplier, going to try those when I get home. If they still don't work, I'll revert to the original Tesco ROM and try again. I'll let you know progress (if any!)
  3. I changed from Tesco Mobile ROM to the Baltic 2.1 ROM in order to debrand. I requested an unlock code from a company and supplied my network operator as Tesco. However, the unlock codes supplied do not work. Could this be because I changed to the Baltic ROM? Do you think it's worth trying going back to the Tesco ROM and trying the unlock codes?
  4. [ORIGINAL POST-10/01/2011] Well I bought my code from that site last night at 8pm but still nothing from them. I'm starting to think I should have researched a little more as a lot of people don't seem to have a good word to say about them. On top of this, above user "cooperama" has only posted once! :D Anyone know of a reliable unlocking code site for GT540? [EDIT-11/01/2011] The company got back to me with two codes, neither worked. They have now said they will refund my money but it could take up to 5 days. I'll let you know if/when they do! In the meantime, I am trying eBay with member e-unlocks after reading some posts with recommendations. Will let you know how it goes! [EDIT-12/01/2011] eBay member e-unlocks worked fine, although it did take them a long time (about 30 hours) to provide the code. I now have an unlocked phone! However, still no refund from mobile-unlock-codes.co.uk [EDIT-16/01/2011] Finally got a refund from mobile-unlock-codes.co.uk, took 2 e-mails with threat of opening Paypal dispute then I got the refund!
  5. For all users wishing to update who are still waiting for the official OTA update and cannot wait any longer, do not despair! There is another way, follow these instructions! No computer required! Note: These instructions are for users with stock ROM and stock recovery ROM (I.e. anyone who hasn't tried rooting their phone! See this page for update instructions if you have rooted your Nexus already.) Go to Android Market and search for AndroZip, Download & Install Open your browser and type in http://tinyurl.com/ylj5bhv to open this page from your phone (if your not reading this from your phone already!) then click one of the following links to download the update: https://android.clients.google.com/updates/...79.a487b405.zip OR THIS (Same file, different server) http://loadbalancing.modaco.com/download.p...mf/?z3xdle4iwxm Open AndroZip from the Apps menu (Do not open the ZIP directly from downloads menu) From AndroZip, go to the ./sdcard/download folder Hold down on the zip file you just downloaded until a menu appears, select 'Rename' Rename the file to update.zip, press OK Hold down on the zip file again, this time select 'Move' Navigate to the ./sdcard folder (Root of SD Card) and press OK to move the file Switch off phone, now hold the volume down key whilst pressing the On button, the Google Recovery menu should appear Use up/down arrow keys and select 'Recovery' by pressing power key to select Wait until a warning triangle appears then hold the volume UP key and the power key until another small menu fills the top of the screen Select 'Apply update.zip', press the trackball to select this time Wait a couple of minutes until it asks you to reboot, select the reboot option (radio ROM now updates) The phone will restart and take longer than usual to boot, once it has, the update is complete!
  6. Not so much an issue, but an annoyance. I was a little disappointed by the Nexus battery life, I needed to charge it daily as it was losing charge so quickly. However, after reading around several forums, I've found that disabling GPS when not required and switching to a static wallpaper, I have achieved much better battery life, I still have 40% battery after full charge from complete discharge yesterday at 3.00pm. Bare in mind this is with a lot of useage!
  7. Yeah the only reason I didn't go from Hero to the Droid/Milestone is because of such bad reviews regarding the keyboard. N1 with solid sturdy qwerty is on top of my wish list, although I do love how thin the Nexus is!
  8. Really nice shots elementz, where were those taken? Surprised not many others are uploading, perhaps they've all got the central red blur problem!?
  9. I personally think the Nexus One stock camera software/hardware is much better performing than the HTC Hero. Please update this thread with photos that your proud your Nexus One took! Please note any special software, settings, etc that you may have used. Here are a few photos I recently took whilst away on business in Turku, Finland. These were taken with standard software/settings and flash disabled:
  10. Couldnt find this in market no matter how many different terms I searched! Managed to download it from this site in the end and install with 'Apps installer' (which you can download from market!). Just for some clarification to newbies: 1) Download swype from link above or other source 2) Unzip the .apk file to your phones SD card (connect phone to PC and mount the SD card) 3) Download 'App Installer' or similar installer from Android Market, and install 4) Launch App Installer or similar and select the swype .apk file to install 5) Go to Settings > Language & Keyboard and select 'Swype' checkbox to enable (green tick) 6) Go to enter some text, for example in a text message. Hold down in the text box until little box pops up saying 'Input Method', select Swype Note: this is Motorola Droid/Milestone and Nexus One only due to high screen res. of these devices. There is also a bug in the Nexus One version which causes it to come up with a screen resolution error, ignore this and it'll work fine in portrait mode, but NOT landscape!
  11. EDIT Now got this working by downloading a version I found on ipmart forum (3.3.1 - link here). I can confirm this works in UK with Nexus One unrooted; totally standard from Google US. Followed instruction and installed the modded app but it did not work on my Nexus One, I get the error "Navigation to your destination is unavailable". Is this because there is no street view data available in my area? Does this mean it only works where Street View works?!
  12. Mine arrived at 10.45am, now charging!
  13. Mine now also with courier! 1/8/2010 8:57 am With delivery courier. Cambridge, United Kingdom
  14. No-one knows for certain yet as it takes DHL up to 2 weeks to invoice you for customs/VAT/fee's, it also depends if you opted for a charger ($19.99) or not. Rough gestimates are anywhere between £400 - £450
  15. Bit of feedback regarding this latest release (RC2) I downloaded the Beta 2 which worked fine, last night I installed the RC2, its been really sluggish since. Didn't do a wipe in between, initially upgraded to Beta from 3.0 with 1.91 kernel and latest radio, again without wipe. Anyone else had similar issues?
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