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  1. My opinion is best way to back up contacts is to keep them synched in outlook through Activesync. The contacts are in a file called "pim.vol" in the root directory of the phone (as are all your calendar data). That file isn't really compatible with anything but windows mobile on the phone. You can copy the pim.vol file to your PC via "explore"......actually I think you have to rename it first...then copy....then rename it back to PIM.vol. Don't ask me why, but I've some experience trying to copy it. Be careful though because the 2125 needs the pim.vol file to boot properly... Yes, the joystick is really wierd sometimes. Sometimes mine will move left..up..down...but not right (as an example). I reboot the phone and its fixed. Also though...if the phone is processing something...like email...the joystick will have a delay that can be very frustrating....but just wait a few seconds and it will come back. I've alse read here that joysticks on the 2125 can just fail and need to be replaced.
  2. I read that "BlackberryConnect" is now available for the Cingular 2125 (BB Connect supposedly supports WM devices in a Blackberry Enterprise Services BES environment.)? Can anyone tell me... 1-what software i'll need for the phone?.....2-What Cingular services I'll need to buy (e.g. their "Blackberry plan")?...and 3-Any reviews from those who have used it. I started a new job this week and the first thing they handed me was a Blackberry Pearl. Nice looking device but I have no interest in going back to BB if I don't have to. Thanks.
  3. I have the same issue....not 4000, but I have 3000+ contacts and there is plenty of memory on the phone to handle up to 5-6k contacts. Just make sure everything else goes to the storage card (pictures, video, programs, mp3s, etc). I haven't found a way to move pim.vol to the storage card.....but all the other stuff can run on the card.
  4. Try "Acala 3gp Movies Free". http://www.cutedvd.com/html/3gp_movies.html Very few setting options, but its a no-brainer to use and has performed perfectly for me. I use the "high" video quality setting and 320x240 size. A 90 min dvd converts to about 140mb at that setting. I have had problems (unrelated to Acala) copying the movie to the phone with Activesync...just hangs. I've had to remove the mini-sd card...put it in a card reader connected to my pc...copy the movie to the card...and then re-insert the card into the phone. I've converted several dvds this way and the video quality on the phone is great... Audio is not that great, but acceptable. I too am using TCPMP to play video. The Acala converted movies would not play correctly with the mobile WMP.
  5. I haven't been able to find much info on this phone. Its been a general disappointment since I got it (last week). I'm going to return, but first I wanted to see if its maybe just a matter of updating the firmware/software, etc. Here are the problems. -Battery life is less that 2 days (Standby)......Docs say 8-10 days. I'm replacing an old Samsung 427 that stayed charged for 10 days or so. -No way to connect to my PC. The IR just doesn't work... Its supposed to play MP3's, but am I expected to download them all via MediaNet? -Crappy reception....don't know how else to say it. Much worse at my house than the old x427. Sometimes the phone just seems to "hang". Incoming calls just go to vmail. After I "reboot", it will answer calls....strange. Any input or advice on getting this phone to perform would be appreciated. Thanks
  6. Yes, I've matched up the logical bluetooth com8 on the PC with Activesync connections on the PC (allow com8). You asked if the PC Bluetooth notifies me if the device tries to connect. I think maybe this is where the problem is because the answer is no. I do have the PC set to "discoverable". when i look for devices from the phone, the phone does prompt that the PC is trying to connect....do you want to, etc... Yes....enter passkey (on phone)....and then and error pops up (on the phone) saying the pc can't connect. If I delete the pairing on the PC, and re-pair...it finds the phone...enter passkey from PC....phone prompts for passkey...I enter it (on the phone) and then the pairing appears to be set. 2 way green arrows on the phone icon (on the PC). I don't know what else to test. Bottom line is I never get the activesync service listed on the phone....just serial and hands free.
  7. Thanks for the replies! Installing the TCPMP player on my 2125 seems to have solved the playback issues I was having. I'm using the ACALA free 3GP converter (not many setting options but extremely easy and fast). Anyway the converted movies play very smoothly now with TCPMP.
  8. Yes....thanks. I've gone throught the process you describe several times with no joy.... Using Widcomm drivers -On the PC...Bluetooth serial port com8 -Connection settings in Activesync on PC...."allow connection to....com8" -devices are paired -On the 2125...Settings/connections/bluetooth/menu/devices/menu/edit/next........the only services that show up are "serial port" and "hands free". Activesync doesn't show up as a service. I try menu/refresh and still no Activesync. I've deleted the device on the handheld.....rebooted.....turned the phone on/off.....re-paired.....tried port 6 and 7 without any luck. Very frustrating...... Further thoughts?
  9. After about 8-10 minutes movie Playback gets "jerky" (unwatchable). These are .3gp files converted from DVD. I've tested two different movies (both about 90 minutes long). The "jerkyness" doesn't seem to get worse, but only the first 8-10 minutes are perfect. The audio is fine. I'm playing the files with the player that came with the phone (mobile version of WMP). The .3gp files won't play with WMP on my PC, but quicktime plays them perfectly (on the PC). Any ideas on a way to fix my problem.....convert to different format.....different player for the phone....? Anyway, the phone is new to me and I'm having a lot of fun with it. I'm fairly experienced with video encoding/conversion and I'm interested in the best way to get dvds on my 2125. Thanks.
  10. I'd love to hear from anyone who has successfully synced outlook contacts & calendar via Bluetooth on the 2125. I'm using (trying to use) Activesync 4.2 and I believe the problem lies with Activesync (and my lack of experience with it), because I've successfully created a bluetooth connection with my PC for a Personal Area Network.....so bluetooth is working fine from the 2125 for "dial-up" through the PC. I Won't go into a lot of detail on what I've tried yet as I haven't been able to find anyone yet who has experience with Bluetooth/Activesync on the 2125 or equiv. Bottom line is, can't get activesync to "connect" at all via Bluetooth. USB sync works great. Hope this makes sense. thanks in advance.
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