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  1. Just plugged my touch HD into my win 7 laptop just to charge it it popped up with the mobile device centre software which i hadnt used before, the laptop is new and ive not been syncing my phone with any computers for ages as i dont really use outlook any more. Anyway it complained about have 2 device partnerships set up and asked me to delete one, i've just gone to use my phone and I realise i've lost everything.. no contacts or calandar. Lost years of calendar data. Still have photos etc. At NO POINT did mobile device centre say it would delete stuff of the phone, it just went away merrily syncing (What it was syncing i've no idea as i didnt select anything to sync) So annoyed right now, im gonna have to find my old desktop which might or might not still have outlook on it and try to find some of my contacts- i'm in the middle of a house move this weekend so everything is boxed up and the last thing i need is to not have a single f*****g phone number!! Any ideas how i can get the data back from the deleted partnership, does windows back it up somewhere before it deletes it from the phone?
  2. This is great, reminds me a little of linerider! It works on my HD (HD1 not HD2) but after completing the 3rd level it crashes out to windows, no error
  3. Back in the day I used to carry compaq 3600 and later 5400 series Ipaq's around in my pockets- now that DID require some baggy jeans!
  4. When you say for life do you mean you have to keep topping up £10 every month otherwise you loose the free internet access.. or can you just top up £10 in the first month and then sit back and enjoy your free internet for ever more? OK, just reread the post- you have to keep topping up. The only real problem is the cost of your device. Assuming you are on a £30 a month contract and want a new £500 phone every 18months, which costs say, £100 (The normal price i pay for an upgrade) thats £540 on monthly charges, £640 total including the phone. On the PAYG deal its £180 of topups + £500 for the phone, £680 total. Thats assuming you dont use more than £10 credit each month on calls. Obviously if you dont want a new device too often its a great deal. Or if you wanted to go onto this for ~6months or something after you were out of contract but were waiting for a new phone to come out that you wanted- when that happened you could then go onto a monthly tarrif. Can you transfer a pay monthly number to PAYG though? (I always keep the same number)
  5. Whilst i welcome a stylus for capacitive devices its a total cop out on HTCs part. The fact they're releasing this at the same time as the HD2 clearly shows you need a stylus to use the damm thing.. it should be included, but obviously the tech was too expensive to absorb into the sale of the device so we have to foot the bill... £15 too!! As previous poster said, where are you supposed to store it FFS? Theres no way i'd remember to carry it with me when i have my phone, so it'd just stay at home and not get used. Why do we need capacitive screens? Exactly what problem are they solving??!
  6. I have the original HD, not the HD2 but i've often noticed the signal going from 3/4 bars to 1 or none when handling the phone, it seems very sensitive to being held. If i am making a call in a low signal area i find the direction i face and how i hold the phone influences the call quality a lot, almost as if my hand/head is really blocking the signal. Part of it could be that the HD's radio antennas are at the bottom of the phone, unlike most phones where they are at the top.
  7. Me too.. i'm really excited about the HD2, apart from the capacitive screen. I'm all for touchflo making it easier to navigate with your finger but whats the point of the capacitive screen? What does it bring to the party? Not having a stylus will mean my text entry rate will really drop off and working with the nuts and bolts of WM will be much harder :-(
  8. The 'lock device' option on the home screen seems to have disapeared on my HD. If i go settings>today>items 'Device lock' isnt selected, but selecting it and clicking ok doesnt make the device lock appear and if i go back into the settings page its un-selected again. Anyone know how to turn this back on, or another way to lock the device?
  9. Gonna give up on this i think!! The one you posted Dr nick installs ok, but crashes when i run it. The one on rapidshare doesnt even instal, when you click the cab on the device nothing happens at all.... ahh well!
  10. The link you posted doesnt seem to be working, page comes up but the download doesnt work. Is it hosted anywhere else or can you email it over?
  11. yup, looks like perhaps the bbc site was having an off day- just synced moyles no probs! ta
  12. There is a menu option in RSS Hub titled 'Podcasts' inside are options like play etc etc.. which leads me to believe RSS hub can sync audio podcasts, but putting in the address of such podcasts (Chris moyles show for example) doesnt seem to work, and results in an error when trying to sync. Anyone used RSS hub to sync audio podcasts? If not what are you using?
  13. Nice one, been looking for TCPMP for a while without luck. Will give it a try. Still not happy with video, even in divx player.
  14. Had this problem before on my Hermes on tmob, now i'm on orange with the HD and its come back. Set up my gmail in pocket outlook, to begin with no problems- can send and receive mails fine. been using it for a month or so, and suddenly i cannot send mail- it just gives an error along the lines of check your connected, check email settings etc. I can still receive mail fine, but manual and automatic sends do not work. The settings are correct, i've not changed them since it worked, i can get on the internet via the network and browse fine so i'm connected. Very frustrating, what could it be?
  15. I also use ebook reader, like its simplicity, speed, like that you can change pages by simply clicking the screen. Hate the way MS reader doesnt use the whole screen. There are also free utils that turn txt or ms ebook format into pdb files.
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