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  1. try flashing thru' memory card........ that could solve your problem
  2. hi !! would love to get my hands on the disassembly guide.... need to change the housing of my VOX..... any help will be appreciated.... Thanxxx
  3. Hi learned..... My VOX seems to be dropping Calls at alarming rate...... My clients and friends say that they can hear the bell but nothing at my end..... I had compained to the GSM Company and they replaced the SIM Card...but no avail..... Signal Strength is all 4 bars..... Can it be a Firmware or Hardware Problem ??? Its becoming a huge hassle... I have now Updated Radio and Updated ROM to Dr Gonzo's Monalisa.... Problem still persists.... Help..learned Thanxxx
  4. Sry...didnt work either way..... any info will be appreciated... thanx
  5. will try today for Proxy and firewall settings... I think it will be more of a Proxy issue as the Firewall Settings and Anti-Virus are the same at both the Places.... Thanxxx
  6. Hi !! I have this strange issue ( for me atleast)..... when I connect my E-650 (Dr. Gonzo's ROM) to my office PC I can access the Internet from my Phone . My Office PC is running on Xp with Fixed Ip Address, Net over Cat 5 But when I connect to my Home PC running on Vista with ADSL Modem I am unable to connect and my Phone gives me Error: "The Page you are looking for cannot be found due to unknown error 0x80072f78" Any help will be highly appreciated.
  7. cmon guys.... help me out here.... this feature is there in iphone...... any info will be highly appreciated
  8. Hi !! Thanks for the earlier wifi solution...will check and get back to you..... I was wondering if there is any application or Home Screen in which I can have clock for 3-4 different cities (london. New York, Paris, Milan...other than my city clock)... displayed on the home screen ?? any info in this regard will be highly appreciated... regards
  9. Hi.. I have a question regarding WiFi connection.... I was recently at a cafe and my wifi was ON... and got connected to the restaurant;s wifi connection... I tried to browse but was unable to do so..it neither asked me for any login or password but simply showed Full Strength Signal and Connected... could it be phone setting issue or something... because..I always thought that if I was connected to a network i could use it... any info will be appreciated thanxxx
  10. I hav a Jabra BT Hands Free...and Orange e650 but I am unable to listen to music using the Media player... the Sound comes from the Phoone and not the Headset !!! any help will be highly appreciated. Thanx
  11. Hi !! I have used Tornodo Power Control for overclocking my e650. I am able to get CPU Speed to 228 Mhz but not beyond even after "Strig Value as 252" Any info how I could go further also how can I verify the speed at which my Vox is working ??? any info will be highly appreciated. regards
  12. Hi !! I have had my e650 Sim Unlocked from imei.... and it is working fine.... What I wanted to know was that: 1) After getting it Sim Unlocked from imei... is my phone Application Unlocked Also ??? 2) How can I know if my Phone is Application Unlocked at this point of time ??? 3) Is there any Util to know if the phone is Application Unlocked ??? I also wanted to know if there is any other Task Manager other than the inbuilt one as it is not detecting any applications running and still my Phone Battery life is Atrociously low !!! Waiting for a response from the learned people... Thanxxx
  13. Hi !!! The Battery of my VOX is completely F***ed up !!!! I had bought e650 in UK and have just been able to Sim Unlock it from the imei...guys..... I have just started using the Phone in my Country on regular basis and the Battery Life id Totally Fu****ed up !!! I am not even getting 3-4 Hrs of proper Talk time !!!!!! I charge it whole night and have to put it back on charge by the evenin again... where as I am not using Bluetooth or Wifi !!!! Man .... total waste of money i think... cant even throw the phone ...... Do any of the eise guys here have any solution to this issue ???? will be very grateful if by any means the battery can be made to last at least for the day... 'cause it is getting very embarrassing , charging the phone by day end ( when you have sung all the praises for the phone and made everyone with nokia and samsung jealous ). please any suggstions are welcome.... regards
  14. Hi !! My friend has HTC 710 (VOX).... he has taken the GPRS Settings from the Network Operator,, but when he tries to surf the net (open Hotmail etc.) it give error "Java Script missing".... any suggestions for this... he is after my life as I had persuaded him to buy this phone... any suggestions will be highly appreciated... regards
  15. Okk !!! thanks for the help... I dont think that its worth going all the way to flash ROM otherwise... I will stick to imei.. for Unlocking and Pauls debranding pack for application pack... thanks a lot.. regards
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