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  1. Tried the latest version on my AT&T Note with Flapjaxxx ROM. Still hangs at activating account :(
  2. Yep, same here. I posted a week or so ago and got no response. It appears to be a hardware issue unrelated to root. Those over at XDA are reporting that exchanging for another phone resolved the issue. I'm planning to swap my phone this weekend after CES
  3. Just got a Nexus S a few days ago and activated it on T-Mobile. Tried the wireless hotspot today, and it just says "error" when trying to turn on. Anyone else encounter this issue? I bought my device outright so I'm on a Flexpay Even More Plus acct with 500 min/unlimited message/unlimited web. I've done some testing with both my AT&T and T-Mobile sims. The phone randomly gives errors regardless of which sim is in it so I don't think there is an issue with my T-Mo plan setup. I also tried the wireless tether apk and still randomly get the errors. Is this working consistently for anyone else?
  4. Sounds like you have an N1 with an SLCD. You need to flash a ROM with SLCD support maybe?
  5. If it's coming to the US on Sprint it might as well not be coming. Sprint is the worst of the big 4 carriers in the US, and this is reflected by the fact that they are losing about 600,000 customers per quarter. After suffering with Sprint for over 10 years, I vowed to NEVER be their customer again. Worst company I have ever dealt with, hands down. I wish HTC would realize that there are lots of customers in the US who are dying to get their hands on a WM replacement for the iPhone, and want an unlocked GSM phone.
  6. An active holder has a charger attached to it so that when you put the phone in the holder, it's "actively" charging. A passive holder just holds the phone without charging it.
  7. This was the y-cable that was included with my TyTN (8525). It's a standard HTC part. The audio connection on this adapter is mini usb, but they also have one with a 3.5mm connection.
  8. I've been testing out a BlueAnt Z9. It's a nice lightweight headset with decent battery life. It came with a v1 firmware, but after updating to the newest firmware, it's been great.
  9. I'm a big fan of Egress for www.garishkernels.net It includes a lot of great features including podcasting support. It's $13 or so to buy, but well worth it to me. I have a version on my Smartphone as well as my PPC.
  10. I lucked out and my Brodit mount showed up today. I wrote a short tutorial on how to modify it for use with the HTC y-cable. It's actually pretty trivial to do but in case you want pictures to guide you, here they are: http://www.modaco.com/content/HTC-Kaiser-K...audio-charging/
  11. Use some type of adhesive to reattach the top plate: Here's the finished product:
  12. Remove it and get the y-cable ready to install. You need to remove the rubber casing around the end of the y-cable in order for it to fit correctly: Once installed in the holder, it should look like this:
  13. Here's the short tutorial on how to modify a Brodit/Proclips active car mount to work with an HTC y-cable. This allows you to slide your Kaiser into the device holder, and have audio out capabilities while charging. First, you need to use a knife to separate the top plate from the charging plug. Slide your knife gently between both sides to completely separate it. If you look carefully there is a thin line between the top plate and the bottom mount. Once you've removed the top plate, you'll see the usb charging cable:
  14. My active holder shipped today so I will be able to mod it sometime this week!
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