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  1. I bought one of these not long ago from Argos. I also have the Honor 5c which i bought after Paul put up a great positive review on it. The H9L is a nice piece of equipment but one place that Honor seems worse than others perhaps is in updates; e.g. the update app in the Honor 5c never actually worked and I had to always do manual updates to keep it up to date. Huawei/Honor seems just as bad with its newest phones when it comes to updates, firmwares and releases. The official Oreo rom is still not available on the honor site, and although the phone has received many positive reviews very little developer support (at least over in xda) seems forthcoming. No TWRP, no root and the only movement is via it's project treble support where some progress has been made with loading AOSP and Lineage OS; ofcourse after bootloader unlock which in turn breaks Android pay (so much for NFC) which you could possibly solve via Magidisk. Doing any of this at the very least requires an official rom that you can go to if things go wrong, so I hope you see the point I'm trying to make here. Note: even modaco doesn't have a dedicated forum for it yet ! If you want a great looking phone just to use it then go ahead and buy it, the price is attractive. If however you want something to tinker with then any Honor Kirin phone is probably not the way to go and you'll be better off sticking with SnapDragons; e.g Motos or Xiaomi (if you want to go Chinese).
  2. new OTA update here https://forum.xda-developers.com/honor-5c/development/fullota-upgrade-packages-models-nem-l51-t3473110 Update takes NEM-L51C432Bxxx: to B130, EMUI to 4.1.2 and android security patch to Dec 2016. Again nothing from updater app on phone so if it wasn't for xda would have missed 2 updates already. Why put an updater app on the phone if it doesn't work ?
  3. I've now updated from B102 to B120 using OTA package from here http://forum.xda-developers.com/honor-5c/development/fullota-upgrade-packages-models-nem-l51-t3473110 . Followed procedure outlined and all went well with no loss of user data. Apart from the Android Security Patch (found in 'About') updating from May to Sept 2016 haven't noticed any other differences. Also have no idea why Honor did not supply this under their own 'Updater' app (built into the ROM) as an OTA. After update my Build number is now NEM-L51C432B120.
  4. I bought this phone because after reading the write-up on it by Paul I thought it was going to be supported. However, I haven't seen a single OTA update since it's release. I've seen updates for the other 'different' variants of the 5c but not our NEM-L51C432B102; e.g. see here for NEM-L51C10B121 http://www.gizrom.com/b121-honor-5c-android-6-0-ota/ . Why not ours ? I must admit I buy many chinese phones and know they're not the best at regular updates but with this one we haven't even seen a single update and the security path of May 2016 is worrying.
  5. I haven't used this function at all so don't know if doing it through terminal can work. One thing to mention though is that I would advise whatever microSD you intend to use as adoptive storage it needs to be a fast one else the OS will actually pop-up a complaint that it is too slow. I experienced this when MM came out on my MotoG 2014. At the time I used a sandisk ultra and it complained, I had to purchase a sandisk extreme pro (which tend to be more expensive) until the OS stopped complaining about microSD speeds.
  6. well, the command 'sm-list-disk' just list the label (disk ID) that marshmallow assigned to the external SD card. BTW in MM this is now a series of numbers, e.g. 179:160, and cannot be renamed. the command "sm partition disk:179:160 mixed 50" presumably is splitting it 50/50 so something like "sm partition disk:179:160 mixed 70" would split it 70/30, but i haven't tested this. Since windows can only see the first partition, I guess if you use 'mix' it will create the 'portable' partition first and then the 'internal' (which will also be ecrypted).
  7. my advice here is to read on what adopted storage actually translates to else you could be surprised with the end results, this is a good start https://www.reddit.com/r/Android/comments/3oz7eu/guidelines_for_marshmallow_users_formatting/
  8. don't expect too many answers to this since our european version does not come with fingerprint functions http://www.gsmarena.com/newscomm-18929.php
  9. Warning: During this process i damaged one 8GB microSD and 2xSIMs. The most important part to be very careful with and avoid at all costs is damage to the phone, like the simtray getting stuck or something falling off the simtray and inside the phone. Using both SIMs and microSD is possible on our Honor 5C but it's not easy and I absolutely accept no responsibility for anyone trying this and ending up with any problems on their phones. My advise is that unless you absolutely need the extra storage don't even try it; you have been warned! Good points: 1. SIM cards are cheap to buy. 2. Transferring number from one SIM to another is easy, some operators even allow this via SMS message as long as it's like for like,e.g. vodafone to vodafone, otherwise PAC code (for the UK don't know about other countries) is required. 3. MicroSD cards are also becoming relatively cheap especially in smaller capacities; 8GB. Bad points: 1. It is not easy to shave off the right amount off the microSD to mount the SIM on top and get the dimension right. 2. Possibility of getting the SIM tray stuck without being able to take out again especially if you try and force the sim tray in and the mounting of the SIM onto the microSD is not secured, i.e. the mounted SIM can become loose when trying to open the sim tray and then everything gets stuck inside. Watch any of these vids (or search for more yourselves for "dual sim and SD card" ): My process was as follows: 1. Bought a couple of SIM cards . 1.1 If wanting to transfer number from old SIM to this new one, make a note of the SIM (13 or 19 digit) number printed on the back of the SIM (or on the packaging). This will be required by your operator during the number transfer process. 2. Used a lighter, as shown in one of the vids to extract the SIM from it's plastic. Also tested the extracted SIM in an older phone using a SIM adaptor to make sure the SIM was still functional after extraction because the heating process could possibly damage it. 3. Marked which way round the SIM is to be mounted on the microSD. 4. Used masking tape to mask the contacts on the microSD; obviously removed on every insertion attempt. Only did this to make sure i don't accidentally damage the microSD contacts during the filing process. 5. Filed down both sides of the microSD card using a nail-filer. File only the portion where the SIM is going to be placed, don't file the 'lip' at the end of the microSD (this 'lip' is on the opposite side of the contacts) card cause this is what holds it in place in the simtray. This is one of the tricky bits, you have to ensure that you file down enough so that when the SIM is mounted onto it the sim tray goes in not too tightly and both microSD card and SIM card contacts can be made, but at the same time if you file down too much you can damage the microSD. I just persisted with trial and error trying to insert the sim tray (not all the way) and then checking the microSD was still readable via a card reader on my laptop after each nail-filer shave. What I found is that getting the phone to see both SIM cards was not too difficult, the problem is getting it to see the microSD card also.This is beause when you mount the SIM on the microSD card the chip that exists on the SIM raises the SIM card so that the pins on the microSD end up being lower than the SIM card contacts. It is the reason why the filing down of the microSD is so important and tricky, the idea here is that there is not much horizontal difference between the microSD and SIM contacts.Try to imagine what is happening when you insert the simtray. Contacts inside the phone have to touch all contacts (i.e. both SIMs and microSD) to make this hack work properly. So, I repeat, I take no responsability for any damage you guys could end up causing to your phones if you get this wrong. But with a lot of patience and trial and error it is possible as evidence with the screenshot attached. Note both SIM signal indicators active and 32GB FAT32 Sony SD card shown active.
  10. xzyk

    Double tap to wake..

    Thanks for trying guys, guess kernel doesn't support it..
  11. I've been enjoying my 5c but really miss the double tap to wake function (plus it probably doesn't help the longevity of the power button), so looking for some solution I found this on xda http://forum.xda-developers.com/mate-8/general/enable-double-tap-to-wake-t3312676 , It's for a Huawei Mate8 but I've checked the relevant build.prop and xml file and the entries are both there but disabled. Problem I have now is I don't want to root device for the time being, is there anyway I can get temp root, without BL unlock, of perhaps do this via adb and usb debuggin 'on' ? The changes are pretty easy and minor so if someone has root on their 5c perhaps they can try it and report back. Appreciate this may also be locked/missing in the kernel but we won't know until we try, right ? Hoping someone can reply so we can make this a better device. I've reprodued the procedure below in case URL link doesn't work. 1) Go into system/build.prop and open it in your favorite text editor. Find the line that says ro.config.hw_easywakeup=false and change the false to true then save your changes. 2) Go to system/emui/base/xml and open up the hw_easywakeupmotion_config.xml in your favorite text editor. Find the line that says <EasyWakeupMotion name="Double_Touch" support="1" value="0" flag="0" keycode="131" /> and change the value=0 to value=1 then save your changes. 3) Restart your phone 4) Go into Settings/Smart Assistance/Motion Control and at the bottom you will now see Double Touch. Turn it on. 5) Restart your phone and you will have Double Tap to Wake enabled and working.
  12. ok, so i now have the phone. I can confirm: 1.Android Pay works with my credit cards. 2. Notification led works. 3. Flip to Mute works. 4. Double tap to wake missing from 'Smart Assistance', it's on the 5x so this may be a kernel change and enabling the option, maybe Paul can look into this for us. 5. Device Encryption works fine;able to connect to works network after accepting their policies. 6. Host Mode USB OTG is not supported not even with a powered microUSB hub. Overall, impression is good, performance is ok, but phone not yet optimised. Loaded Nova launcher so i can get double tap to lock/screen off. Loaded Greenify. Disabled/uninstalled most of google apps and some Huawei ones. Happy with the purchase so far. I won't BL unlock or root yet until I'm happy all is well. I would recommend this phone.
  13. just seen some wileyfox announcement, the 'sparks' are out. Nothing really exciting so I've just ordered the honor 5c since it's got everything i was looking for.
  14. I agree it looks like good value for money but as I've often found with these chinese phones all may not be what it seems. Besides very slow on updates, although they always promise them, you also are not assured that they've gone through the google certification process. For example, another phone i have been looking at is the elephone p9000, which also has NFC, however that phone is not on the google certified list of approved phones for android pay because elephone decided to use developer signature keys, so just because NFC is present does not necessarily follow that android pay is available. UPDATE: ok, so i contaced google on their chat support line and they could not verify that the phone is android pay compatible. They suggested to contacted Huawei directly. Unless someone here can confirm they've used android pay and it's working I will be giving this one a miss and probably go for the OP3 (screen isssues or not).
  15. xzyk

    Honor 5C manual

    Honor 5C (NEM-L21&L22&L51,01.) Manual downloaded from here... http://manualsuserguide.com/huawei-honor-5c-manual/ Can't upload it here as max payload here is only 4.88MB and manual comes in at 59MB, but the provided link should suffice..
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