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  1. I will do that - Half the problem is the crap PC I have at work here ! for some reason once I have Kies installed on it , it slows down to a snails pace and the internet connection drops , so I have to install Kies everytime I want to use Odin,and then when I think I won't need Odin anymore ,or I need to use the internet for work purposes I remove it (seriously, its been installed and uninstalled about 3 times today !) I must buy myself a Windows Laptop for this stuff ! Anyway thanks for you help on this !
  2. LOL !! Erm , that went well .... OK I chose the o2 Kernel (I am 100% sure this was the actual one I needed , KF3 ) Downloaded it to the Card , and flashed it from Darky2 All seemed to go OK , and I booted up without a yellow triangle - but that was it, didn't go any further than that , just a boot loop with the Samsung I9100 screen , and a black screen. Tried wiping etc. all to no avail ! I figured I didn't have anything to lose ,so looked around on the net , and I stumbled on this guide http://www.techofweb.com/technology/debranding-rebranding-sgs2.html So, I downloaded the UK o2 .tar from that page and flashed it via odin This brought the SGS2 back to life , but not rooted obviously , to be honest I am just glad its still seemingly alive ! I think I'll leave it for a while and worry about rooting again when I get time. One last thing though, As said I am sure the "XF3" was my orignal Kernal , (might have been KF3 ? ) It was definately an O2 UK device though -The file I have flashed is XWKDD - Everyhting seems to work fine though , is there anything I need to worry about here ? Thanks for all your help on this
  3. Brilliant , thank you - I got it on Contract from o2 so that should be a great help , Cheers !
  4. Brilliant , thanks ! But ...... (this just gets worse !) I have forgotten what Kernal I started off with , I didn't make a special effort to remember it as I left the file of the Signed kernel on my desktop at work - I now find a collegue has not only deleted it , but emptied the recycle bin too. Now when I look at the kernal in "about phone" I get Is this the end of the world ? is there any way I can find out which Kernel to flash ? Thanks !
  5. Hey thanks for the quick replies ! Just to clarify , (probably what I should have asked in the first place !) The original Samsung Kernel WILL be OK with CM 7,1 then ? Thanks again.
  6. Hi folks , I am running CM 7.1 on my SGS2 , all is fine , but I fumbled my way through the root process due to only having limited access to a poorly specced PC , and an awful internet connection at work ! (Mac user at home) this was a real nightmare ,and I'll spare you the gory details , but the result was this *Flashed an insecure Kernal with Odin ,with a view to Rooting , was unable to run the root app (like I said long story !) *Found a "pre-rooted" kernal on XDA devs that seemed appropriate for my device , so flashed that with odin All worked fine , I was rooted ! I used CWM manager to install CWM recovery , which appeared to work , but I could not boot into it ! , so in the end I installed ROM manager and installed CWM via that - this seemed to work , I then installed CM7 Nightly via ROM manager , and all is good in the world , EXCEPT the yellow triangle on boot up (not a huge problem , but I'd prefer to lose it) Can anyone tell me how to lose the triangle ? - I assume I have to flash a Kernal via Odin , but which one (considering I am running CM7.1 & CWM Any help would me much appreciated ! thanks
  7. I don't want to cause confusion , but I have various USB chargers here (Can't begin to tell you what they are or where the came from ) I have noticed that some of them that DIDN"T charge the Streak on 1.6 / 2.1 , now DO charge it on 2.2 !! I a 100% certain of this , and have no idea why this should be ? But my advice would be to retry any chargers you haven't tried since upgrading.
  8. I understand the reasons why , and how it works etc. but I am still going to moan just for the sake of it :rolleyes: So , those of us who have had our streaks the longest (i.e o2 branded ) must wait the longest , while the guys that bought unlocked units get to jump the queue ? As I said , I understand this is just the way of the world , but that doesn't make it suck any less ! I feel like I'm being punished for being an early adopter !
  9. This kind of worked for me - Only my problem is (and always has been !) that I am "freeze up" whe it comes to all this command prompt and Fastboot stuff - I simply mess it up and never see where I am going wrong (yeah I know , I can see you all rolling your eyes !) - I am very much a GUI type of guy. So rather than entering all the fastboot prompts , I simply took the folder that I donloaded from here to install the stock recovery ( the one where you simply click the "install-recovery-windows.bat" to install ) and placed the modded recovery image in there , renamed it "recovery.img" ....and installed it as normal I suspect most of you are reading this thinking "Well ,duh , of course that would work" , but I haven't seen this suggested anywhere , and for me , it made the difference between what I was and wasn't happy to try. So thats me back to 1.6 , now where's that Froyo update :rolleyes:
  10. My was intact , but on discovering it was stickers , I have just peeled it off ! Looks much better IMO
  11. Personally I can't believe people are asking for the Dell Notification bar !! I don't want to think about the things I'd be prepared to do to get rid of it and have a Vanilla experience :) Each to their own I suppose !
  12. Had this a few times myself (Stock o2 2.1 , with and without that build.prop tweak ) One of the times it happens most often for me (and most annoyingly , is when I try to end a call ... The screen won't respond , so I can't press the call end button - then the screen will go black , and I'll be able to wake it with the wake button , but the screen will not respond ,so I am stuck at the lock screen - Only option is to drop the Battery out . Every time this happens I get angry and swear I am going to de-commision the Streak ... but then it behaves again and I decide to give it another chance ! .....Hopefully Froyo won't be long !
  13. Of that list , I have Angry Birds , Dolphin Browser HD and Beautiful Home - I'll try removing these three one at a time and see what happens
  14. This morning I was typing into the browser , when the text input slowed , then stopped completely , about 20 seconds later I got z's all over the place as if a key was stuck ! Pressing home took me back to the home screen , but the screen was unresponsive. I let the screen time out , and then was left in a position where I could not unlock the screen ( I.e. Screen unresponsive ) so once again , took the battery out and everything is fine for now. This suggests perhaps that my issue is a different one from the one the rest of you have ? I think if I have to drop the battery once more today I am going to roll back to 1.6 !
  15. this is certainly the case for me , that's what I find strange ! strange that I had no previous problem , then since last weekend it appears to be a problem on whatever build I use . maybe just coincidence , but I can't help wondering if an app update has caused this ?
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