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  1. looks nice! thanks for sharing! I'm currently testing some other rom, but I noticed you tweaked the W/L button to map to a custom application. Could you provide more information on how you made this work? Did you use AEButtonPlus for it? I would like to map my button without having to install AEButtonPlus... Thanks!!
  2. did you test/read about GpsModDriver? I did a lot of tests with TomTom without GpsModDriver with all registry keys explained in forums, but fix is very slow. Next I installed GpsModDriver, fix is now very fast. some compass config can be applied in GpsModDriver, and it is using the compass only when driving not to fast (eg when you drive between 1 and 5km/h) once you go faster, it can detect your orientation based on the gps history. but I guess compass is disturbed in car, I never get the compass config to work exactly as needed.
  3. GpsModDriver is certainly using the Omnia compass if I don't install GpsModDriver the gps connection comes up very slowly using TomTom 7. Even with all the registry tricks explained in the forum. iGo goes very well without GpsModDriver or any other similar program, only tomtom is very slow to find a fix if no extra program is installed. I tried many times...
  4. why pay if you have plenty reg editors for free. total commander for windows mobile has integrated reg editor (in Plugins in base directory): http://tcce.s3.amazonaws.com/b2/cabs.htm (chose first arm by default).
  5. besides the StreamPlayer, I think there was also some kind of DLNA player application of Samsung in the original roms. Is it possible to extract that one as well? Or did I overlook it in the current archives? Thanks!
  6. nevermind, found the source of the auto turning on with bluetooth, my Salling Clicker application on my pc is contacting the device every 15sec, and this turns on the device apparently. btw, why can't I login on this last page of this topic while it works on previous pages, because of this I can not edit my previous post.. :s
  7. when turning on bluetooth (discoverable or not) and then turning off the device, it will turn on again after some time (+- 10sec). Anyone else has this problem? I can never keep the phone turned off while bluetooth is on. When turning off bluetooth the device stays turned off like it should. anyone some solution or some idea? thx! (B7610, using Megalite 6.5.5. Build 23549)
  8. anyone else got a warning that this rom will stop working within 30 days? The timebomb has not been removed apparently...can we still remove it?
  9. same problem here, it takes 2,5 rings at callers side before mine is ringing. If the caller ends the call earlier, I get a notification with number marked as 'unknown', it didn't have time to safe the number :P (Using Megalite rom 23545)
  10. I see in your previous post you wrote: "addrbook.Ink", make sure you use a l (small L) and not an i (or uppercase I). Make sure you provide the full path (eg \Windows\Start Menu\Programms\addrbook.lnk) You can also assign the buttons using Advance Configuration Tool using the advanced menu option.
  11. you need to reset device before the application to open will be update, even while the label is changed immediately
  12. or use the freeware app ACR (Auto Call Recorder): http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=536472
  13. Anyone knows the application executed when long push the Work Life button ( W&L ). I'd like to replace it with some other application (without installing AE Button). A nice replacement would be with mortscript.exe or VJBrick Thanks! I'm using Megalite roms, so Work Life profiles are not usable anyway, so now the button has no use at all, so any replacement would be great...
  14. since windows media player is included in rom, it could maybe be interesting to integrate this WVGA skin: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=556270
  15. http://depositfiles.com/files/5dzhxhg5v not tested myself, but downloaded from this forum or xda forum some time ago...
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