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  1. Does one exist? If it has Touch Flo thats cool but not needed. For Sprint.
  2. Yes, and vice versa (i500 charges in i600 cradle, i have both). I didnt try using the i600 with the i500, but it will charge it.
  3. "The quad-band smartphone boasts a 2.0-inch 256K color TFT screen, 128MB RAM, SIP (for VoIP), 2GB SD Card" -Static IP for VoIP- Possibly cause it looks like it uses VoIP protocol. Its 'Quadband' and im assuming its for use all over the world (GSM, CDMA etc), using an OTA internet connection to make the calls. Problem is, youre probably paying for their hardware to support such an animal lol.
  4. I have an i600 (Sprint version) and i find that if i power off to swap batteries or reboot the phone, T9 Text has to relearn ALL the words that i input over the last few days. I heavily text via SMS, and use certain words, or slang or emoticons, and its frustrating to have to reinput them, especially if i dont have much time to send the text I.E.: at work or in the car at a stop light. Ive never had this problem with any other Samsung phone, nor the old Sanyo 8100, the words were ALWAYS available after learning them. My i500 Palm phone has EZI-Text, so it learned differently and was backed up via Hotsync. Some words are very common words that just ARENT programmed by default! I cant think of one such word off the bat, but its a word most people use every day. Anyone else have this problem regardless of their SP? Anyone have a fix i missed somewhere? :)
  5. Anyone else experience difficulty lately? They took it down this week. So i took it upon myself to start a fix after the tech took over 30 mins to find out they decommissioned yet ANOTHER PDA site. :) This a little over one year from them stopping support for the i500 Palm based browser. However i did like (and still do over PIE) the new browser, but im using my i600 now, so its a moot point. For those of you who used it (i used it a lot, for movies, weather, Bengals scores lol, etc), and dont want to use go2.com..... I think go2.com is good, but i wanted something i could customize easier. The link is www.bot-racing.com/beta i am trying to make it look like the old site, so any help with content is GREATLY appreciated. Only the Search and Weather have links currently. If you want to see something i dont have, let me know. If any of you also know of the mobile URL for the site you want, post it so i can copy and paste, as it takes some time to view the properties of the site and enter the text by hand. So if you want the link, you can help with the work :D If this gains more popularity (not just from Sprint customers, which is why i posted here) i will externally host the site. Currently its tested on the i600 running WM2003, i tired using my Samsung A680, the site appears, but do to the limitations of the browser, i cant get the URL direct to work, even with the 'Go' button. So PLEASE use your phones, SP or not to test it out. Ill try to get a fix for the non-SP phones so that it will work too. Spread the word to your friends too! To Paul and other MoDaCo mods, i hope you dont mind the link for this site, if so, let me know via PM and ill remove it. I just threw it in there for content purposes. :D
  6. Is there one that works with it or the i500 (same connector)? I know that you can use a digi cam if it uses a SD card and use the phone as a reader, then upload/text if you want.
  7. Better yet get the Theme Generator from Microsoft (free) and use it to make your very own homescreen. Then simply make the Theme, but dont send it to your phone. After naming it, simply install it to the Storage/Application Data/Home folder on your phone using the Explorer and then click on it from the phone. It will install automatically!
  8. Furball Zen

    PDF viewer

    I think thats your first problem! :-)
  9. No SMS Sent Msg: This hack allows you to elimnate the annoying SMS Message Sent notification that occurs EVERY time you send an SMS. 1. Start up your Registry Editor program. Resco is one of a few programs that will allow you to edit your Registry. 2. Find the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Inbox 3. Click on Inbox (Inbox must be highlighted) then select "Edit" --> "New Key" 4. Name the New Key as Settings 5. Click on "Settings" (Settings must be highlighted) and select "Edit"--> "New String Value" 6. On "Value name:", key in SMSNoSentMsg and in "Value data", key in 1 7. Soft reset your device and test it with one SMS. The notifcation message should not occur. No In Call Beep: This hack will remove the annoying 'beep' noise associated with initiating a call from your phone. 1. Start up your Registry Editor program. 2. Find the following: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\SoundCategories\InCall 3. Change the string/value InitVol: 4. It should read: '0' Cache Speed Hack: (Posters note: I only changed the GLYPHCACHE value, it was 8192. Also after that, did a reboot and somehow Windows saw the modem... go fig. I did NOT however change the FATFS as i couldnt find it. No noticable change in speed?! WOW was i wrong, its WAY faster now!) This hack delivers an impressive increase in speed on almost all of your basic programs and menus by expanding your default cache values. 1. Start up your Registry Editor program. 2. Find the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\GDI\GLYPHCACHE 3. Change the old string/value: 16384 4. It should read: 32768 or 65535 (the 65535 is what I use and it seems the fastest) 5. Find the following: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\STORAGEMANAGER\FATFS 6. Change the string/value cachesize to read: 4096 Startup/Shutdown sounds change: This hack will remove the Windows startup sound when you turn your phone on. As a sidenote, you can place ANY .wav file into your /Windows directory and insert that filename into the Registry value and then your phone will play that upon startup. 1. Start up your Registry Editor program. 2. Find the following: \HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\SystemStart \Sound 3. Change the string/value: \Windows\Piano.wav 4. It should read: \windows\*none*
  10. yes! a check book ledger would be great. i used to have one for my palm but it was so old i couldn't reg it to use it past the trial time. free or minimal charge please.
  11. i disagree i just installed it on my i600 last night and i didnt pay anything. one of the FEW progs that work on the i600. make sure you get the proper file though.
  12. Can you email me the USB drivers youre using? I have tried all kinds, even one supposedly from Samsung before they claimed to not support it. [email protected] Thanks.
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