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  1. so this is the guide to rooting right? Theres so many guides out there and most of them say rooting in the title, but this sounds exactly like it.
  2. I have a palm centro now, which SUCKS. I hate it. So I need ideas on what to get. I want a pocketpc, and its gotta have wifi. The only thing I really see that looks decent is the touch pro. I have AT&T just FYI. Any other ideas? I was looking at the tilt, but that touch pro looks a lot better and I like the touchflo.
  3. i wasn't sure if the bandwidths or anything are different? i want to make sure because i want 3g to work
  4. I am trying to get a different phone my friend has a blackjack II on Tmobile that I would like to get, what do I need to get everything working on AT&T, will the 3G work and everything? Can I just flash it to an AT&T firmware?
  5. I have this nokia 7380 that my friend gave me ATM, since my WM phone broke. The thing is, since they are normally sold in the UK (i think) they only have configs for O2, Orange, etc nothing for ATT. So I'm trying to figure out how I can get my MMS working. The phone works, texting works but not MMS. I tried setting a personal config for multimedia messages using the server address http://mmsc.cingular.com, but that didn't work... not really sure what I'm dealing with, never had to do anything like this on a phone. any help is appreciated :D
  6. Ok. Cleared entire device. no luck. I want to take off just the front cover to clean the keypad/joystick. how do i do this?
  7. Well the plans for a blackjack fell through. Too expensive. I will redo my phone thursday. Its my day off...
  8. i think i might just renew my contract and go with a blackjack.
  9. so if its a hardware issue does that mean that it needs to be replaced? or can i take it apart and fix it myself?
  10. My directional key is dying. not wanting to work at random times. Goes other ways when I tell it to go one way and such. Getting random shut offs. I was texting someone, locked the phone put it in my pocket and it was off. Then all my text messages from the past 1 hour were gone. I am hesitant to do a factory reset, because I have a lot of stuff on here that I really dont want to lose. I want to keep the apps I have but i want my phone to work right. Its driving me nuts having to turn off my phone and jam around the joystick to get it to work for 5 minutes and then have troubles again....
  11. im sure that its a different antenna. you would have to disassemble the phone and check where the antenna is.
  12. I have been getting texts with times that arent happening yet. For example. Its 10:06 right now I have a text from 10:09. Any Ideas?
  13. I'm sure if you hooked a bigger antenna up it would have better connectivity but it would look downright silly. And it wouldnt be easy to do.
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