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  1. Hi, Great ROM, eventhough I had to HR it a couple of times since first installed. Complication with some programmes while trying to restore but it's ... er OK and worthwhile. Question: Does any1 have any idea if Flash is in the ROM or do I have to install it myself? Thanks and once again great job, love it!!! Jerome
  2. WiFi Radio on the i780 is only for B/G and not N. It's a hardware issue and not software. mobilepalm
  3. Yes, reset and even now after installing many other programmes to it, it still can't install quoting as attachement Thanks. Jerome
  4. Downloaded and trying your ROM. Love the space available and the ability for us to customise it the way we want. Question: I've downloaded the "LargeMenu" from mediafire but it doesn't install quoting not for this ROM. Any ideas? Thanks. Jerome
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