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  1. Thanks Paul, it worked and I got them email. However the email didn't have any coupon code in it. It says "Here is your eXpansys discount code:", but there's nothing else there, just a blank line. Thanks again.
  2. When I try to request a code I get a message stating "Unable to select database".
  3. Is this still going on? I just got a Touch Pro, and would love to use a code for the purchase of the A/V cables. It says they expire Nov. 30th, but I don't get the code via email. I enter my address, and it says to look for the code, but it never came. Not in my spam either.
  4. Good looking device. I have a question about the TV out. I had a Toshiba E800 back in the day, and it had VGA out. However, it had a really slow frame rate, and wasn't any good for trying to watch video. How is the frame rate on this device? Can you watch videos with it?
  5. The HTC Titan is a CDMA device, available mostly in the US and Canada. NOT a GSM device. Flashing your GSM device with a CDMA radio stack would completely and totally ruin, brick, destroy, and obliterate it. All the carriers listed in the first post carry the same device, the HTC Titan, just their own version of it. That's why you can flash this radio stack to it. Do NOT try to flash it to ANY other device. Alas, I traded in my Sprint Mogul (Sprint's version of the HTC Titan) for the Sprint Touch. And no GPS enabled radio stack has been released for the Touch yet. Yet.
  6. I'll assume these housings won't work on a Sprint Touch as it is slightly larger than the original Touch. That's a shame too, I'd love to have that burgundy color available.
  7. Installed it on my Sprint Touch today. Works great, thanks again.
  8. The Sprint version of the Touch is coming out Sunday. I'm reviewing it on another Windows Mobile site. The RedBox is working perfectly with the Touch keyboard on my Mogul, what a great idea. Thanks for making it.
  9. What good timing. I've been using the Touch keyboard on my HTC Mogul for a few days, and have noticed this problem. My Sprint Touch should arrive for review tomorrow, so this will be a welcome install. Thanks.
  10. Sorry, I didn't realize there was another carrier that carried both the Q and 700wx. It looks like you're on Bell Mobility if those are your choices. Bell does offer the PPC6700, which would be the absolute closest match to your iPaq with a qvga touch screen. The only way the Q is closer to your iPaq than the 700wx is the screen resolution. Other than that it's a completely different OS (Windows Mobile Smartphone instead of Windows Mobile Pocket PC Phone). If you'd be willing to switch to Telus they already have the HTC P4000 available, which is the same thing as the HTC Mogul being released on Sprint. Just some options to consider. I don't know how good the two carriers are in Canada though, I'm just looking at the available devices.
  11. Most of your software probably wouldn't work on either. The Q is a Windows Mobile Smartphone based device, and PPC software doesn't typically work on it. The 700wx has a square screen, and a lot of software that isn't optimized for that doesn't work. The 700wx would probably be the easiest for you to transition to coming from a PPC device already. If you wait until Monday Sprint is supposed to be releasing the HTC Mogul (PPC-6800), and that would probably be the best overall choice to make. It would have the same screen resolution as the PPC you're already coming from, and most of the software you already have would work on it.
  12. Encece seems to have answered the questions you had. I just wanted to chime in and say I'm super jealous! The S720 looks so cool, I can't wait for a US carrier to get it. Lucky.
  13. Any idea if this would work with a WM5 device running the Windows Live that's been ripped from WM6? That's my only option to have a search bar on the home screen that will search Google until I either get a WM6 device, or Motorola/Sprint upgrade the Q to WM6. This is a sweet offering though, thanks Paul!
  14. If it wasn't a legitimate purchase, the ESN is blocked and the phone is useless. Depending on the ROM version on the phone, you can hard reset it by holding the red power button and the center button of the d-pad at the same time until a message comes up asking if you want to master reset. If it doesn't come up, you probably have an older ROM on the phone, and you could flash the ROM available on Motorola's website, and it should remove the password when you do.
  15. You should be able to use it. Whether it's cable or DSL you still get an ethernet cable coming out of the modem to plug into the router.
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