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  1. I'm having the same problem on Vodafone (V1615). Was just searching the forum to see if anyone else was experiencing this as I was going to call vodafone for an exchange today! Sounds like it's hardware?
  2. gregk

    Spam Filtering?

    That's a good workaround. Thanks. My problem is that I'd hoped to use IMAP to keep my messages in sync. Guess I'll have to accept there's no other solution for now.
  3. gregk

    Spam Filtering?

    That's right......spam
  4. gregk

    Email filtering in Pocket Outlook

    I guess from the lack of replies to this post that either no-one has spam problems or there is no solution?
  5. So what are people using for email on the Hermes? I've been using the built in messenger. Tried installing Flexmail (twice). This was closely followed by 2 hard resets. All I'm looking for is something that handles multiple accounts, including IMAP, and has a reasonable level of configuration options (eg reply to fields). A SnapperMail for WM would be ideal :-) Any suggestions? Greg
  6. gregk

    Spam Filtering?

    Is there any software that "plugs in" to messenger (WM5) to filter spam? I know other mail clients have filtering options but I'm using Vodafone business email (push) and it only seems to work with the default messenger mail client. cheers
  7. I'm having problems sending mms messages from my v1605. When I hit send a notification pops up saying: "In order to send the mms the current active connection needs to be closed. Do you want to continue?" It doesn't matter whether I hit yes or no, the message just sits in the outbox never actually sending. Any ideas? cheers Greg
  8. gregk

    Scrolling through contacts

    I was going to ask the same question! Happened to me twice by accident yesterday but I can't seem to duplicate it. Someone must know how to do this? It's defintely something to do with the scroll wheel. Very frustrating!
  9. gregk

    microsoft money on the hermes

    I've tried both SPB and Inesoft and found Inesoft far easier to use. It seems to sync a lot better with desktop Money as well!
  10. gregk

    TenGO problems...

    I'm having the same problems with TenGo, trying to use their thumb pocket app. It's there but when selected nothing happens. What's phonepad and where can I get it?
  11. gregk

    HSDPA on your V1605...

    So has anyone tried this on Vodafone and had any increase in speed? I'm on Vodafone in central London (supposedly covered by HSDPA). I've tried the tweak to add hsdpa support but speed tests show no change in connection speed. Actually the first 2 tests I ran showed it was connecting at lower speeds.
  12. Fantastic! I contacted SPB to check this and they advised that it wouldn't work with 3G so based on that I didn't bother trying it. Guess their support people had better get their act together. Downloading now!
  13. Only problem with the GPRS monitor is that it doesn't track data via 3G, only GPRS. According to SPB they'll be looking at including this in the next version.

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