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  1. You might wanna change your calculator! According to Expansys: i200: 112.5 x 58 x 21.25 TP: 102 x 51 x 18.05 Seems Expansys think the i200 is bigger in all aspects.
  2. And physically is actually bigger than the Touch Pro!
  3. Slightly off-topic then, but what would the panel recommend as a 3g/WM6 replacement for a C550? I would go for a S740, but its quite tall and really not that much smaller than my Touch Pro.
  4. :) I just soooooo wish there was a 3G replacement for the C550, with WM6.1
  5. Wow! Where do you get a deal like that? That would be ideal for my second, smaller, evening phone, using Mobile Secretary to forward sms's to it... Cant find £5/month on their website - only £10/1G Mobile Secretary - http://www.pocketpcfreewares.com/en/index.php?soft=1674
  6. I use this: http://www.winmobileapps.com/device/pocketpc/pwm/pwm.aspx Profiles for Windows Mobile - worth every penny. I have also exported the registry key that sets all the profiles up, so simply re-import it when/if I do a hard reset.
  7. Ah - No GPS after all, nor in the Touch. Kaiser it is then ! :-)
  8. Jeez - this could be a real toughie.... I came to Hermes from C500 & C550, and I have played with a C600 on the occasions when I have felt the Hermes a little big, but as well as 3G and the speed generally, I always miss the touchscreen and the qwerty keypad. I have even bought an O2 Graphite, but dont use it. I was planning on moving to the Kaiser, purely to have the in built GPS. But this 730 looks to have everything I would want, in a great little package, but of course without the touchscreen. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.............
  9. Does the TYTNII fit in the Orginal Hermes Brodit car holder, anyone know? Is the USB port in the same place (looks like it from photos...)
  10. Any chance that ROM could be dumped? Or is that, cough, not on...
  11. I find the quality poor on both speakerphone and normal. I got orange to change my phone, but this one is the same. most apparent wheb dialling CS, but too loud to most phone lines.
  12. Dade I quite fancy the shorter version. Any idea if its possible to connect a microphone without the extra circuitry in the volume control box? I notice there are a few resistors on the board, so not sure of they are needed for the mic? Ideally I'd like a version like you have done, but with an additional 3.5" jack for a mic.
  13. Come on then... How often do you have to prod its bottom? I reckon I do it twice a day!! had a problem yesterday where I think PocketWeather had got in a tizz. I had 2 notifications for 2 SMS msgs, but couldnt get teh phone to respond so had to prod it, which resulted in the loss of one of the SMS msgs! :D (wonder if it was a lottery win...) Earlier this afternoon, I kept trying to get Bluetooth to turn on before I got in the car, using Comms Manager, just kept back saying it was off. So... Another prod. Softwarewise, I am running on the today screen: Wireless App Sun/Moon Agendatoday (Was running Pocketweather, but turned off the today after losing that txt! <_< )
  14. Anyone else experiencing buzzing and/or poor sound quality when talking to landlines or listening to the woman on Orange voicemail? :D Initially I just thought it was too loud, but even with both phoen and call volume on minimum, whilst the actual volume is acceotable the call quality is not. Reminiscent of E100 days... :D Hmmm.....
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