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  1. All :- I have a SU6 which is running stock firmware. During the middle of the day it started rebooting and keeps rebooting when it reaches the powered by Android screen. Power and volume up will get me to the boot menu, but when I select any of the options the phone will reboot before carrying out that selection. Any ideas? Thanks Kevin
  2. Where is it on XDA? Also does this ROM have the problem that the stock rom does where if you receive a phone call whilst connected to something via bluetooth (e.g. Car Radio) then the phone won't ring until after you reboot it? Thanks
  3. I've had more of a play and am happy that it is bluetooth related. I use the bluetooth built-in to my car radio so swapping it around is not practical. :-( I guess I can try raising the issue with Vodafone.
  4. Hi! Thanks for the replies and thanks for letting me know having the two phone apps is normal. I mute the phone often at work and connect / disconnect it from bluetooth on the drive in / out of work. As you rightly say a reboot fixes it, but I don't fancy rebooting it 3 or 4 times a day! :-) I may try a factory reset, but the phone is otherwise set up as I want it :-( Any other ideas? Thanks again Kevin
  5. Folks :- Apologies if this is not the right forum, but I couldn't find anywhere more suitable. I have a Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 running stock 5.1.1 It’s developed an annoying habit of not ringing when someone’s calling. It’ll vibrate but I don’t always feel it / have the phone on me. Google suggests get rid of any apps that may interfere (can’t see any) and clearing out the cache of the phone app. Going to setting / apps / all and I find two phone apps and a phone storage app. Does this explain to problem with the phone and if so which phone app do I get rid of and how? Alternatively do you have any better ideas? Thanks Kevin
  6. Folks :- I have a T-Mobile SDA-II. When I first got it I used ActiveSync 4.1 and found contacts at random would be deleted from Outlook / the phone. The fix for this is to revert to ActiveSync 3.8. The problem I've now got is I can't sync MP3s using Media Player and even copying them over using drag and drop in explorer is less than reliable. (It'll get half way through copying a file then fail.) I am wondering if upgrading to activesync 4.2 would solve the problem and leave my contacts unmolested! :-) Is anyone else successfully using Outlook 2003 / T-mobile SDA II (or C550 I guess) / Activesync 4.2? Thanks Kev
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