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  1. Could M2SD (Mount to SD) play a role in that? See here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1342387
  2. Sorry to interrupt this kernel dev thread... On the dev thread for Jellybean for the HTC One X they experience the same kind of problems with audio: not being able to play it over a wirde headset... However, a lot of user reported it does work when using a specific app named 'Wired Headphone/Headset Fix', available in the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.woodslink.android.wiredheadphoneroutingfix Might help a little on troubleshooting...
  3. Check out the pre-installed app called 'Shuttle Tools'... You need it to be in USB Host mode...
  4. I understand everything you're saying... Unfortunately recent history tells us that increasing the partition size for system files (system partition) causes a lot of issues (regarding bad blocks) for a substatial amount of users. This could mean a lot of users have a lot of bad blocks on the data partition at the moment, which would be part of the system partition on repartitioning. Like you said: the data partition has a higher risk of having bad blocks, but the amount of write actions increases the chance of them being recognized and marked as bad blocks. That, and the fact that bad blocks on the data partition mostly aren't as critical as they are on the system partition... I read somewhere that nvflash (the only way of repartitioning at the moment, as far as I know) wipes all memory of bad blocks, so the risk of errors is highest after every repartition, no matter the partition sizes... [Edit: added some more details]
  5. Correct (as far as I know) But, repartitoning will increase the chance to have critical files being written to existing bad blocks while flashing. At least, that's what we've seen in the past (Honey Ice).
  6. As far as I know repartitioning to expand the system partition and shrink the data partition increases the chance of errors due to 'bad blocks'... Note: I'm not a dev, so devs: correct me if I'm wrong...
  7. Glad it has the audio jack on top! What would the popular Valenta pouches look like if the audio jack was on the bottom ;) EDIT: Oh, and how about desk stands? How would I be able to plug in a headset when the phone is on/in the desk stand if the audio jack is on the bottom?
  8. Plume is my absolute favorite! I mainly like it because it has both a great phone and tablet interface. I don't use facebook, so no need for facebook integration for me.
  9. I think it's best of you post this on the ROM thread. This is the kernel dev thread... When bugs are ROM related (not kernel related), the kernel devs probably can't help you... (Cass is both a kernel dev and ROM dev, so I understand the confusion.)
  10. I'm most definitely not a dev, but could it be the kernel...? Look at what's written here: Notion Ink
  11. @Areo: Last night I noticed the light near the camera was on again after putting the device in standby... I thought this problem was dealt with earlier... Reason I thought I should post this here is 'cause I believe this was fixed in the Kernel earlier, but maybe got lost in new development...
  12. For a long time I was able to resist the urge to post in this thread, because I think that mere users like me should not interrupt a development thread like this with requests and compliments. However, I felt the need to say this: I really admire all the work done by everyone involved in this kernel development thread. Especially all the magnificent work by Eduardo (ejtaggle). Therefore it's a bit of a shame that we, mere users, can't benefit from the things he achieved the last couple of weeks... Since Newbe5's son was born, he has obviously done the right thing by spending some quality time with his family... ... Long story short: Is there someone else who can add the last couple of (kernel)changes from this thread to a new vegacomb release/update? I think a lot of users would be very thankful! (Not saying anybody should, or we deserve it... Just asking politely)
  13. @Newbe5 Are these latest patches by Eduardo included in update 3, or not yet? Looks like they were made after you released update 3...
  14. Just tested a couple of camera apps and they all seem to work just fine: ecamera, RetroCamera, Paper Camera (wow!) and of course the default camera app. Only small thing is, eCamera didn't show the preview at first, but it looked like a bug within the app itself, cause after a FC (I tried to change a setting in the app) I reopened it and it worked straight away... Magnificent job, all of you! :D
  15. Would you please consider changing this threads title to state it truly is unbrickable? ;)
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