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  1. Great info! Nice to hear the phone is running again! Cheers
  2. Geen over die backup maken. Sim unlock blijft gewoon. Zodra de simlock eraf gaat ie er niet meer op. Florin heeft inderdaad problemen met het unlocken op een bootloader hoger dan 1.0.6 Raad je ook aan om eerst te unlocken en dan te updaten (zoals je zelf al aangeeft), nogmaals, sim unlock blijft!
  3. I don't have any lockups (sofar...) Battery life is a little better than the UK I think but not much better. Battery life still could be a lot better...
  4. Panja

    If i find YOU....

    Thats shitty man! I feel sorry for ya :D
  5. Nice work m8!! Looking forward to the changes and let's 40.000 more members :-D
  6. Don't know (yet), I heard it plays mpeg4 but I'm not sure...
  7. Just to let you guys know. I tried the UK Rom and now the Dutch Rom. The Dutch version has an extra application which the UK rom didn't have. PV Player 3.3 (build 108) PV Player stands for Packet Video Player. Also I think the volume with the Dutch update is a little louder. Not a lot more than the UK one but a little. Just my 2 cents. Cheers Panja
  8. Good to hear m8!! Have fun with it :D
  9. You need to remove the sd card. Reboot your pc and close all background tasks (ctrl+alt+del, etc) Reboot your phone in the 3 color mode (hold down the camera button while powering on) (make sure your sd card is out!) When the phone is in 3 color mode put it in the cradle and run the update. Dont do anything else on the pc besides the update. Should run this way. Good luck
  10. Just got off the phone with Orange Helpdesk in Holland. I must admit they are giving me a service I would like to see with more companies! I got an e200 as you can see in my signature, since a few days my sd card can't be ready anymore. Tried a hard reset, format sd card etc but no luck. Ranged the technical support center and told them I tried everything, even upgrading to the new NL rom. So the guy on the other end of the phone was very nice and told me I could go to an Orange shop. Told him I don't have much time for that and I need my phone for work. Ok, was his answer, lets see if we have them in stock. He came back to me and told me a courrier will come in 2 days to pick my phone up and he will replace it with a new one! That's what I call service! Good job Orange NL!
  11. What version of pocketmvp do I need to get for the XDA II? * All 16-bit color PocketPCs(And MonoPaq) * Or...? Cheers
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