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  1. Everything is there now. Complete ROM. Would be nice to get the OC kernel, notification fix (the light stops flashing after a few minutes) and trackpad wake.
  2. I can confirm that this works great! You have to manually select a channel in the advanced options, and I even had it reboot my phone the first time, but after that, it worked perfectly. Thank you for this!
  3. Ooops. Seemed different GMail version, but you're right. My apologies. As for the torch, in Evils ROM, the torch had the 3 different brightness settings. I guess it's different in this one. Thanks for the response. EDIT: Just wanted to add that I too tested the WiFi Hotspot. When I manually selected a channel, my laptop could connect. However, I could not get out to the internet with it.
  4. The flashlight (torch) does not seem to work correctly. Sometimes it turns on, though only at the lowest setting, while other times, not at all. Also, could you please include the new Gmail 2.2.1? Thank you.
  5. Is there any chance you could post the file here as the site is blocked by the firewall?
  6. Go to: Settings -> Telephony -> Band Selection -> And change the Band to be PCS.
  7. All I can say is that now, I get exactly the information I need/want. Thank you so much!
  8. It's fixed. It seems that is my Language is US English, but my locale is US (Canada), it was messed up. It's fixed now. Thanks! Great home screen!
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