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  1. Had mine since 12th jan and had all the issues listed here. I did wait until the update to see if it fixed it but it has not done much. I have had enough of it now and just want a refund. Do they offer refunds? I bought in store and paid cash. Do you still have to call support to do it? Thanks Simon.
  2. Same for me as said before but works spot on with ics+ from play store. I am also on xolo ics.
  3. I assumed no one knew iplayer worked at all on these phones which is why I posted this. I prefer the website version to an app anyhow. This thread can be removed really then.
  4. I have had this before on other phones but only when plugged into the mains charger. I get it on this too but only on mains. Probably a poorly made charger. Must be something else if it happens off charge too.
  5. Strange as on mine it says I need to download flash but its already installed. It only works on ics+ for some reason.
  6. it looks pretty good to me. it flashes to a black screen once buffered and goes sharper.
  7. BBC iplayer works on mine now with ics browser+ from play store with it set as user agent desktop. Not sure if people know already as could not see it mentioned. It will not work on stock or chrome browser however. Hope it helps someone!
  8. I have xolo ics on mine and the app dont work due to the media player not installing. However I just installed ics browser+ and set it as desktop in settings and the desktop version of iplayer works perfect on this browser. It says not compatible on stock browser and chrome says download flash when set to desktop view. Thought this would help those wanting to use iplayer and thought you couldn't.
  9. Yeah tried it but it just says permission denied Remount failed etc. I give up lol. Good job I like the xolo rom.
  10. Downloaded all 5 files but nothing works now, must be the update from xolo causing it.
  11. Tried a few things but all fail now for some reason.
  12. Just tried to re flash the orange ics just in case i ever need to to see how easy it is. It says access denied and will not do it. It did install a 27mb xolo update though if it makes a difference. Any ideas?
  13. I am very regular lol. I tried the above and it did let me root but nothing else, they say not permitted. Tried the logo and also tried dpi settings. Not sure which dpi setting makes it bigger though as I find everything too small at the moment.
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