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  1. wasn't there when I last checked it :-) anyway, there's a registry change you need to do to make the input applet visible at the settings screen. check out http://www.modaco.com/content/i900-general...g-input-applet/
  2. Hello all. I've recently flashed a great 6.5 ROM, but it's missing the Input Applet under Settings. Is there a simple way to restore it (using a CAB or a reg hack) ? Or is the ROM missing some essential files ? thanks
  3. thanks, but this only allows me to choose a keyboard, not get into the keyboard settings... I need to change to options of my default keyboard (using cliquick cause i need hebrew support). anything to do that? thanks
  4. great ROM so far. can't find the input setting though. can you point me to where i can find the keyboard settings ? thanks
  5. I'd like to clean this ROM and make it lite or even ultra-lite :-) at the moment - after hard reset the device has about 60MB free storage & 55MB free ram. any help from the great chefs would be appreciated.
  6. if anyone was looking for it. I think it's for i900l only. includes the Eyron hebrew auto-installer. http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZIOC7BHC hope it helps.
  7. Hello. This is my first post in the gr8 forum :-) I think the intention of this thread's starter is - looking for a clean, generic MS released WinMo6.5.3 ROM. no add ons, no tweaks, no removals. I would be interested in something like this as well... Don't know what modifications the manufacturers have to do to what MS supply, but the minimum necessery to use it on i900l would be great. thanks in advance
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