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    Thanks, it is my understanding that the 2003 OS will be available through an upgrade link either this week or next. We'll see what that brings.
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    Is the device on Buy.com an SDIO Bluetooth device? If so, I've already tried it and the driver doesn't seem to work with the i600. Dave
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    Hopefully someone can help me. I'm told by level 2 tech support at Samsung that there are several i600 users that have been able to get drivers to enable the Socket SDIO Bluetooth card to work in the i600. Since Samsung doesn't support this, they can't tell me how to do it or where to find the correct drivers. Is there anyone here that has been able to get Bluetooth to work on their i600?
  4. There is a product that works well, in the interim, until something is developed that will directly sync. It is called SmartNotes. Although it doesn't allow you to sync directly with Outlook, you can easily copy and paste your notes into this application and sync them to your phone in an HTML format that is easy to read.
  5. I have had an I600 since it hit the market in Phoenix, AZ. I love it. I have a 512 MB SD card. I replaced the holster that came with it with one that Verizon sells, allowing it to flip open. I paid $385 and have a data plan that is $44.95 for unlimited data (in addition to my calling plan). Other than the "slow responding" caller ID and not being able to assign custom ringers to contacts, I am very happy with the phone and utilize the PDA functions daily. If anyone has found a good source for accessories, please let me know as, so far, they seem to be very limited. [email protected]
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