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  1. Aaaah that's great thanks - I was hoping that it wasn't too large a job to fix. I remember changing that setting some time before now, for no apparent reason... :D
  2. Several times recently, my smartphone (HTC Hurricane) has frozen, therefore had to be reset, and as a concequence time needs to be reset everytime from sometime Aug.05. This usually doesn't cause much hassle, but now my phone has decided not to let me change the time back to the present, displaying: Error: The settings could not be opened ...every time I enter the Date/Time setting. Of course, It is possible for me to change it by syncing with a PC, but it creates hassle every time I am not near one, for example, I cannot view text messages I have sent as they are waaay back in the past on the descending list. :D And I don't want to go through the hassle of a hard reset... any ideas? :D
  3. Yes, my 2003SE device uses Windows Media Player 10, Build 15159 (2004) :) if that's any help! Thanks again, Gerallt
  4. I'm so sorry for being a pain to y'all now, but what is the default registry for placing the skin on a Hurricane / 2003 SE ? I've tried changing the path in regedit to where i've placed it on my phone, but still nothing seems to work. The default skin (Default.skn) is located at \Windows. I've tried placing the WMP11 skin there, but when trying to change skins in WMP, it doesn't seem to find it. Any other ways around the problem? I'd be ever so grateful if someone can help me out here :) Thanks for your time.
  5. You can view just text by copying text from word format to Notepad (.txt). Internet Explorer on the SPV C550 reads that clearly, but you cannot edit it. If you want to see a Publisher document, copy it to Adobe Photoshop and Save it as a JPEG file. Those are only cheap options! Gerallt
  6. You can download Smartexplorer from the binarys website for free. That application shows sending files through bluetooth much clearer. I hope that helps
  7. Mine is Megashift Games 185 Average 187 High 1794 Big Burst 1190 Getting that high score was a pure fluke! I still can't beat it after having my phone for 6 months!
  8. I cracked my LCD when fitting a new fascia! :( I'm gutted now, but I've found SPV C550 LCDs on eBay for £20 + p&p which I found quite reasonable. I don't know the best way to go around it - I've had my phone since about 4 months now. How much does HTC charge for parts/repair? Thanks :rolleyes:
  9. I've got the same problem on my SPV C550. I broke the LCD when fitting a new fascia! :( I'm gutted now, but a seller on eBay sells LCDs for £20 + p&p. I don't know if this is the best way to get round it? Do you know how much HTC charges. I've only had my phone for 4 months now. I would appreciate your help. :rolleyes:
  10. Thanks! I'll try that right now. I thought he may be a very busy man! :rolleyes:
  11. Is there any chance that i can send a cheque to fluffcat1 for a replacement coveras I do not have any kind of credit card to buy from ebay(i'm 14yrs). I've only got my phone for a month and my parents will kill me if I ask for their card number, finding out that I have cracked my screen already! :D Please help!
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