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  1. sorry for restarting an old post, but.... i have a stock firmware image for this gemq9909/q97-hd. here is a link https://mega.nz/#!wwt0VaxQ!-mSXqVTaXsc8eZZnyIUUauJVEfQmLc-2ypdYPtqRFIc
  2. I have a wondermedia tablet and i was able to increase it by adding 2 lines to the build.prop file, but the lines used are specific to wondermedia tablets :(
  3. If you feel comfortable rooting your device and are able to repartition your sd card into 2 seperate primary partitions, then you can use links2d. It allows you to symlink (similar to windows shortcuts, but the files still appears to be in the correct place) any files stored on the internal partition can be automatically moved onto the 2nd partition on the sdcard and symlinked onto the internal partition. I have a 32g sd card split into 2 16gb partitions for link2sd, my standard android app location is 0.98gb and i currently have 2.5gb stored on it by using link2sd
  4. Hi I've got a rooted gemq9909 / q97-hd The only problem i've got is the loud speaker isn't exactly loud, infact i've got to put my ear next to it to hear most things. I've already tried almost all the aps from the play store that is meant to increase the max level but they didn't work. Does any one know any build.prop tweaks to increase the max level? Regards Lee
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