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  1. why, thats like saying broadband is disappointing compared to my old 56k modem.Have you ever tried Orb? Fantastic media streaming from home pc (free) and it will only work well with a fast connection.
  2. Did you tap on the little monkey on the bottom of the screen to change orientation? If you try to manually change screen orientation you may get these alignment problems.
  3. just to concur with Markrosoft: I've had many GPS solutions since my old ipaQ navman jacket and TomTom has the best combination of functionality and ease of use. iGO is much more customizable, and pretttier, and would appeal to the geek in all of use reading this, nevertheless TomTom has the best overall package (right now) I would not even consider copilot (unless you get it free) and make sure whatever you get comes with a gps receiver with the sirfstar III chip.
  4. If you like adventure games you must download SCUMMVM. Those old LucasArts games were(are) the best.
  5. MemMaid does something similar to what you describe (amongst other very useful stuff). download a trial and see.
  6. you can assign 'running programs' to one of the wm5 softkeys (default on vario2) but there are also many (free) taskmanagers out there that will do the job well. e.g. magic button.
  7. not free, but pocketplus will allow you to assign 'screen toggle' to a hardware key
  8. No, I meant even with no applications running, opening up menus and starting new programs is faster.
  9. with all today plugins disabled except pocketplus and spb diary ( which are essential for me personally), I found my vario somewhat sluggish. After installing magic button (and disabling pocketplus builtin task manager), the device suddenly seems much more responsive. This seems to persist even if I disable all the today plugins. On an older thread some people have suggested the same with the old vario or universal. Has anyone else noticed this, or am I imagining things. Is there a benchmark I can use to compare speed of the device before and after magicbutton?
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