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    Ham Radio, Wireless Data Comm.'s, Off Roading, Swimming. The Internet and all it has to offer :-D
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  1. M1TNT

    Email Notification Help

    Hi, I had the same problem. If you go into one of your mail inboxes then click on the screen where it says "inbox" so that it lists all your message folders you should see one for Outlook Email - that is where your work email will go if you sync. From there you can just read the unread emails and that will be it. Hope that helps Regards Peter
  2. M1TNT

    XDA Serra

    I got it off the XDA site the other night and WOW what an improvement in performance - well worth the download and install if you have slow GPS lock
  3. M1TNT

    o2 XDA Serra released

    Got mine the other day from O2 - 600 mins - 1000 txt and unlimited web bolt on - quite happy with it so far. GPS is a tad slow on getting a fix but when it does it seems to be fine. There is a fair few postings around about the GPS issue but on the whole very nice unit. Just need to work out how to customise the Touch Flow 3d a bit as I am not to happy with the internet menu
  4. any one know if the 3g/gprs pcmcia cards are network locked - been looking on ebay and there are a few on there but some say they have worked on other networks but not sure if they are all networked locked or just the Vodafone ones that are not. Anyone know ? and if they are locked is it easy to unlock them ? as I think this would be a fab way to get out on the road with mobile broadband - much better than paying £5 an hour for a hotspot !
  5. OOOH ERR - Awesome ! WOW - Cheers for that info. MMM - but then how does that work with the free Skype as that has a min top up fee of £10 so I guess if you want the skype then you will have to go and pay £10 witch is well odd as its all internet traffic any way. They must monitor that port or something. Might get a sim to just play and have a look see. Many thanks for the info Paul
  6. Paul, Do you know if you have to keep paying the 10quid every month along with the 5er for the data every month or can you get away with just paying the £5 each month for the data. As I have a contract that's not due to run out till next year I don't really want to pay £15 a month just for data only but £5 I would pay. I guess it would have to be the £10 for the sim every month and the £5 for data but I cant seem to find any clarification on that. Also I know that Skype is free too so its kinda a bonus. Wish Three would have some windows mobile phones ! MMM Maybe next year they will then all the other networks will be worried!
  7. Just been on the Orange Business site and seen this under the M3100 part of the page - - - Orange Business There is a download for a new ROM ! Orange SPV M3100 Rom Upgrade Oct 07 Any one know what it is about ? Is it WM6 ? - I see T-Mobile has just launched a WM6. MMM Will down load it later tonight and have a look see.
  8. M1TNT

    Cheapest way of getting data only access

    I have just looked on the Three website - if you look at there price plans it does list a 12 month mobile broadband tariff for £10 a month - http://threestore.three.co.uk/planoffers.aspx?tariffid=683 but you have to pay £100 for the modem. So if you can get the sim then your singing ! Think you need to phone them up to ask them for a sim only option - dont see any reason why they cant give you a sim only option.
  9. M1TNT

    Cheapest way of getting data only access

    Dr - if your going to have to pay the extra £5 on the data would it not be better to go for a contract and get one of them USB modems with a sim in it - take the sim out to put in your Vario and your a-and-away. 3 do a mobile broadband - http://www.three.co.uk/personal/products_s...band_/index.omp £10 a month for a gig of of data with out having to pay a £10 top up fee as well. this looks like a better option in my eye's. Not sure if you can get this deal with out the USB modem.
  10. M1TNT

    3 confirms tenner-a-month data deal

    Saw this on the Register http://www.theregister.co.uk/2007/08/23/three_turbo_tariffs/
  11. M1TNT

    deleting text messages

    OH MAN ! thats a bit of a bummer - I was not sure if it would work or not as I have not had that problem. real pain that. Wish you luck on solving this one.
  12. M1TNT

    deleting text messages

    Not sure if this is related but I find that if I dont go to the task manager and stop the inbox that is running in the programs running list I end up losing a few recent txt msg that may have come in. Its almost like the database has not closed in in effect not saved the changes. It maybe the same for deleting them - so deleat a few then go into settings and running programs and end the task and then do the reset and see if that solves your problem. Like I say this does seem to fix my new txt msg from disappearing if I do a reset after getting some and the SMS inbox is still running in the back ground. All the best
  13. M1TNT

    Orange 07755 / 07744 charges

    I guess I could have threatened them but as soon as I told them what it was they were like "Yip no problems we will refund you all the charges and as of the 1st of July you will have to pay for 07755/07744 numbers" and that was it. I was as happy as I was going to be I guess.
  14. M1TNT

    Orange 07755 / 07744 charges

    Just had a bit of a shock with my phone bill. I use access numbers to dial international numbers via my mobile - now in the past these use to use my inclusive min's so in effect they were like free calls. Well that is now no longer the case so a recent call to South Africa set me back just over £5 for 30 mins ( glad it was not more - but it could have been ! ) Seems like Orange has changed there T&C's Tariff Terms and Conditions changes In line with other operators, Orange have updated our terms and conditions for a number of our offers and promotions. Calls to 07744 and 07755 numbers are not included in bundle and will be charged at a flat rate of 20p/min. These changes are applicable to ALL existing Orange tariffs, both the animal range of tariffs that is currently available and all tariffs that are now removed from sale. For specific updates to the current tariff terms and conditions please click on one of the links below: * Offers and Promotions - PAYM Animal Packages - clause 5 * Offers and Promotions - SIM only Animal Packages - clause 7 * Offers and Promotions - Unlimited Bundles - clause 6 The changes will come into effect from 8 June 2007. http://www1.orange.co.uk/termsupdate/ I have phone Orange up as I am a bit miffed to say the least especially as calls made at the beginning of the month were not charged but the last few have been. They will credit my bill for the total of the call charges to the 07755 number I have used. Would have been nice to have been told.
  15. M1TNT

    Google invitation

    You dont need invites any more to sign up a new mail account. But if your stuck and do still need them let me know and I will send you 4 out as I have loads as I have never sent out one - I am sure you dont need them.

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