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  1. Jut bought DSLR controller, and it's amazing! Now has a function where one device is physically wired up to the camera, and serves all the functions to a second device over wifi. Means I can have my galaxy nexus connected, and use the app on my nexus 7 and use all the functions of the camera, and a live view wirelessly. Brilliant app if you've got a DSLR! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=eu.chainfire.dslrcontroller&hl=en
  2. I'm not too bothered at the moment. I've still got 12gb free apparently on my 16gb tablet, i've not found myself running out, I think because of the poor camera, I don't use it for taking photos or videos, and for music I've got google music set up, so don't need to store huge amounts of stuff. I guess another 16gb for free would be good, but i'm quite happy with my discount and the £15 credit, which has meant i've bought stuff I may have otherwise thought too expensive.!
  3. Basically he's got a Desire with SLCD Hboot 0.83 and used to have vodafone branding. He rooted it with unrevoked and then installed a modaco custom baked rom. he's aware of the following "changes" having been made: - ClockworkMod Recovery Image was installed - Security switch OFF - SU App installed - and obviously the Modaco Custom Rom He wants to know if there would have been any other changes made by unrevoking it and then flashing the custom baked rom. He wants to know this beause he needs to return it to a unrooted stock rom for warranty purposes. He's searched through many forums, but hasnt found anything that convinces him 100% that what he does is right. As a result, he doesn't know: if he flashes a stock rom, what happens to the recovery images and S-Off if he flashes the nandroid backup, what happens with the recovery image and S-Off He'd be very happy if someone could write a couple of sentences to help him out. I don't know the answer, just thought I would translate :) Can translate back to German if he doesn't speak English...
  4. https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTE5NzczMTA5 and mine :)
  5. I've just got off phone with them. They still seem quite stuck on their prices, offered me it for £80 but would have to move to a 24 month contract which seems a little steep. Need to think about what I will do
  6. I'm quite keen to hear what sort of deals people have been getting too. Is weird that it's still coming soon online althoguh available on phone....
  7. I just rang up and was quoted 181 as well:O HTC touch 2 is free though - gotta decide what to do. Does anyone know if for example the companies that were selling HD2 a few days ago, I would be able to upgrade through them, being on Friends and Family discount?
  8. Regarding the Kaiser being better suited to picking up GPS Signal through Isothermic windscreens, I've found that even though it is better than older devices, getting a lock in the first place does take a while. I found if you get a lock outside of the car and then get in the car it's quicker, however that's far too much fuss for me - an alternative is to get the extra antennae and have that around the outside of the windscreen on the inside, then it is better at getting the signal:). Of course this does sort of also make it possible to use your older GPS:P I got a suction mount from ebay about 3 years ago, I originally got it for the wizard and when i got the Kaiser I found it was fine due to the resizable side bars B)
  9. id suggest reflashing, looks like maybe some corruption in the bootloader. to enter bootloader tho should be hold the voice dial and camera button while u press the reset button, n keep held down until bootloader appears ;)
  10. Google "Windows live messenger for windows mobile", should find what you want:)
  11. Evilkern

    Web n Walk

    Yea, if you go on unbilled use you can download data use, and also export to csv ;)
  12. Also if you want things rushing a bit, i had a problem with mine and when i went in to the t mobile shop they said i'd be without it for a month or so and no courtesy phone.....so i rang up t mobile and they organised a brand new vario to be couriered out to me next day, with no mention of wanting the broke one back....so i fixed it, not beign worried about voiding warrenty:)
  13. What about downloading it? I'm not sure if posting links to downloads are allowed so im not going to, but a quick google shows them up, otherwise PM!
  14. Hey, just had a thought of something that would be useful and was wondering if anyone has seen anything like it before. Was thinking it would be useful if there was some sort of program or plugin that would allow the user to activate it so when someone calls you it automatically answers the call with loudspeaker ON. I think this would be good especially when you are driving as then you wouldnt have to answer, unlock the phone and press the speakerphone on button. Has anyone heard of a program that does this?
  15. Have you unticked the box in "usb to pc" on the conections tab of settings? That stops the pc recognising the phone
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