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  1. oshea-san

    Playable Play Station emulator!

    is there any difference if your rom is small old psx game or let's say something new ??
  2. oshea-san


    mophun have made this game for smartphones , today i will test it
  3. great skin , for me best ever , thx dude
  4. oshea-san

    SPV C500 XRICK

    yeap , but .cab version don't respond on any button , like you can't turn on the game - you can only quit by *t9 button ... and if i start xrick with .exe version from spv , than i can play , but i can only play to the first duck thing like , you must crouch and press direction , but you can only play by joystick so no way for diagonally move help :rolleyes:
  5. oshea-san

    Fighting Games!

    hello , is there any karate game on spv , like budokan from amiga ?

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