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  1. Hello, Im looking for firmware with Czech language - the only I can find has some english and turkish languages ... :(( All other links like ztedevices.com are down :(( Thank you
  2. With Go weather I have the same problem on Ginger Stir Fry Beta 3 - probably problem is in application...
  3. 1. Maybe I missed something - is HW video acceleration ON in this ROM? Or is there any way how to switch between ON/OFF mode? 2. Can you recommend way, how to switch to your ROM from Ginger Stir Fry Beta 3 without loosing all installed apps? Is Titanium backup working? Thx.
  4. Or you can try CifsManager from market... Tested on SS5 ROM and working with windows and linux NAS shares. some "howto" HERE
  5. You can find this info in "romdump" (see second post of this thread) - in "system.tar.gz" archive - file "build.prop"
  6. Hi, here is romdump from ZTE Blade which is sold in Czech republic - distribured by "Agora" company as non branded ZTE Blade. http://www.mediafire.com/?kluba0m9h04a306 Unfortunately I am new in Android OS, so I don´t know how to create flashable version... Some build info in attachment. build.txt
  7. Hí all, have problem with my SPV C500 - cannot switch on, after USB cable is plugged Windovs with active sync can recognize Windows Smartphone - HTC (even if it is switched off). about 20 sec. after USB is unplugged, SPV is trying to boot up (without power switch pressing), but freezes on Orange screen. ( Left this state for a few hours...) Any suggestions? Thx
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