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  1. Same problem. Solution below. Not my post. Copied from another smartphone forum. Okay, I have solved the mystery of the display timeout problem! It's easy once you know it (but then isn't everything?). I still don't know what actually causes it but the symptom is that no matter what display timeout you set (30 sec, 1 min), as soon as you lock the keyboard, either manually or with AutoKeylock, it will be reset to 7 seconds and stay there. With a bit of investigation and a couple of hard resets I worked out that in this section... HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Power There is usually one key when the keypad is unlocked. The "Display" key shows your normal setting in seconds (30, 60, etc). When you lock the keypad, the "Display" setting is changed to 7 seconds (7) because that's sensible for when the keypad is locked. At the same time it creates a new key called "TimeoutSaved" which is your normal (30, 60, etc) setting. Now under normal conditions, when you unlock the keypad, the "TimeoutSaved" is deleted and the "Display" key is reset to your normal setting (30, 60 etc). For some reason, on mine the "Display" key was not being reset, it was staying on 7 seconds. So the fix is easy. In the subfolder... HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Power\LockLevel there is a key called "LockLevel" and it has been set to "3" or "4" (don't know how or by what program). All you need to do is reset it to 0. Fixed. Like I said, it's easy when you know but it took a bit of messing about to see exactly what was happening. Hope this is useful to anyone having the same problem (I know it happened to ega2002 so it might be quite common). No more hard resets or reflashing
  2. Leave it near an ants nest for several days. They clean up any organic contaminants. Worked for me with a cola spill.
  3. mrkipling : THANK YOU. Since upgrading to an SP5 from a SP3i, TomTom has been nothing but a headache. It was crashing every few minutes & would lock up if I didnt manually turn bluetooth on first. After running the decert application, TomTom now doesnt crash and turns on bluetooth automatically! It was driving me round the bend, and was even considering downgrading so I could use this great GPS software. THANKS AGAIN! :)
  4. If moving TomTom, You also need to move across the files in \Storage\My Documents\TomTom, as well as all the files on the storage card. If you dont copy \Storage\My Documents\TomTom to the new phone, TomTom will crash.
  5. ActiveSync 4.2 did the trick! Now I have task details showing :) Thanks!
  6. Having the same problem this end. Tasks details are not coming across on iMate SP5 (Windows Mobile 5). Running Office 2003 on my PC with ActiveSync 4.5 Beta. Strangely, my iMate SP3i (Windows Mobile 2003SE) will bring across task details from the same PC. Anyone know what we're doing wrong?
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