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  1. I've just been going through this process with a 'new' SF (had one at launch and now wanted a decent 2nd phone). For me, the tutorial method worked fine, but as the OP's stuck on the Android screen it suggests the Gen1 to Gen2 update failed. It might be worth re-downloading the Gen1 to Gen2 zip file from the tutorial in case it was corrupt then manually creating the folder structure as suggested above and extracting the zip file into it. Now proceed as apeman69 suggests. I'd also suggest downloading the latest Cyanogenmod 7.2 ROM for the Blade plus if needed the Google Apps zip file. One other thing- the Blade/SF remains powered on even with the battery removed if the USB cable is attached, so make sure to unplug the cables before rebooting.
  2. Ahh- thanks. I just transferred my existing WM license to the SF so didn't realise the charging model was different!
  3. TTS = Text to Speech. When installed, the voice will speak the road names and numbers as well as the directions. This is a £4 add-on It is only TTS voices that show with an asterisk (mine is Emily). You don't need to select one with an asterisk but the fact that yours don't work might suggest an error in either the program installation or the file path. Did you install from ALKs site or manually? It might be worth removing and reinstalling. All my voices, with or without asterisks, work fine.
  4. I'm using an Orange SF with Paul's R3 ROM and installed SBSH PhoneWeaver (one of my must-have WinMo programs!) I'm seeing odd behaviour and wonder if anyone else has tried it and sees the same? PhoneWeaver has profile options for On/Off switching of the various radio stacks, but what I see is the the action of the switch on the SF is reversed. So, my daytime profile is set for Phone Radio On at 6am and my night profile is set for Phone Radio off at 10pm. However the profile does the opposite- it turns the phone ON at 10pm and OFF at 6am :) The workaround is obviously to reverse the action in the settings, but that has the effect of being unable to set the ringer/ringtone options for daytime use as they are greyed out when the phone is off. Additionally, with PW installed, I am unable to manually turn WiFi or BT on. I've installed a manual radio widget called EasySwitcher- this correctly turns the various radios on/off if PW is not installed, but with PW installed, it indicates whatever I have set in the PW profile, even though the actual action is the opposite (so in my Day profile, Easyswitcher shows the phone as OFF even though it is ON) Weird or what? I've reported it to Miguel at SBSH :)
  5. Netfront Concept V3.5 was one of my favourite browsers prior to getting the HD2, mainly for its view configurability and speed. I got the announcement email for V4 yesterday, and loaded it in anticipation . What an absolute let-down. OK, they've added enhanced Java support, but still no Flash of any kind. However the 3 things that made Netfront Concept 3.5 stand out for me have all been removed! 1) No 'visual' bookmarks now (not a biggie but it could be nice on a fast machine!) 2) No user defined 'View Settings' which could be associated with bookmarks. There are now only 4 fixed View Settings. 3) No user selectable User Agent Strings. V3.5 had up to 5 selectable UAS's so switching between different modes was quick and easy. All gone As is Netfront from my HD2 :)
  6. Firstly- are you actually in a 3G serviced area? If so, does your operator actually use one of the bands the HD2 is provided with? Secondly, as you must be aware, the HD2 doesn't have an auxilliary camera so it is not capable of an outgoing video call with picture. I suspect this is why HTC left the video function off the device. One of the cooked ROMs does include a video call button, but obviously this cannot be used for outgoing video, though the incoming callers video can be seen. I can't be certian though as I don't use video calling.
  7. Device Name: HTC HD2 Operating System: Version Windows Mobile 6.5.3 ROM type: Custom ROM l3s5y Light
  8. Sounds like another 'marketing' decision by Vodafone's accountants :) "Lets avoid selling anything that will take sales away from our new iPhone push- because we earn more from iPhone sales on an item by item basis due to the mix of unit cost, tariff charge and unit price to the customer" The same thing has killed off the HD2 on Vodafone as well- and that is far from an inferior device!
  9. Thats true but you'd still be locked into the remainder of any contract, so they would still be getting their money out of you!
  10. They would have no right to refuse an unlocked phone, as there are no changes made to the operating system. They can refuse to repair/replace a device that has had the ROM updated to something not supplied or supported by the original carrier.
  11. This file needs to be run from the PC not locally on the SD card. 1) Make sure you have a valid Activesync partnership. 2) (Optional: This step helps to speed up the next process by preloading the USB driver) Disconnect HD2 and turn off by pressing End Call button till you get the menu screen and select 'Power Off' Now hold down the Volume Down button while pressing the power button. This takes you to the Bootloader screen which should say 'Serial' at the bottom. Plug into the same USB port you used before, and the PC will load the USB Sync driver and the Bootloader screen will change to 'USB' at the bottom. Disconnect the USB cable, take the back off the HD2 and press the reset button. Reconnect to the PC once it has fully restarted and make sure Activesync is connected. 3) Run the RUU-Leo file. This will start the update process which needs a few screens to be accepted. Once the update starts, the device will switch back to Bootloader, hopefully with the USB driver kicking in immediately, then it will switch to a 'progress' screen. 4) Once complete you will see a 'Congratulations' screen on the PC. Now disconnect from the PC and restart the HD2 to go into the setup process. This can take a few minutees so be patient :)
  12. Even with the default Orange installation you should have 230MB free under WM6.5 and 245MB under WM6.1. This is after manually removing the superfluous games and videos. Good call on the auto-install though :)
  13. TomTom's software is unable to detect a GPS signal on the GPD ports (basically down to bad programming!) To run TomTom you do need to find an intermediary program which will locate the port then forward it to TomTom. As segaboys says, Franson GPSGate can do this, but it is not free. There is another 'intermediary' program Here on XDA Developers, but I don't know if it would work on the TG01- might be worth a question in the thread?
  14. In a nutshell- NO :) HTC devices have always been much more popular and there are ROM Cooks out there who will create unlock routines. Most of them charge in the early days of a device, then make the unlocker free after a while. As Toshiba use a different type of bootloader and SIM lock, and TG01's never acheived much popularity, you are stuck with the need to pay to unlock. There are a few chefs out there who will provide an unlock code, but most charge £10 - £20 for it.
  15. Beware of Sprite backup at the moment- the current version doesn't fully support WM6.5. Spb Backup V2 is fully WM6.5 compatible so a safer bet if you are buying! Don't forget- take a 'basic' backup after you have things stable, which you can revert to. Restoring a recent backup may just restore the faults as well :) £20 for a ROM flash 'in person' is pretty good value. Don't forget, Smartphones are much more complex than most normal phones and are a lot harder to modify. As you suggest though, I'd tend to use yours 'as is' for a while. The Orange branding is so minimal anyway, you'd gain little by a full de-brand apart from some awkward questions if it ever needed warranty repair.
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