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  1. can we downgrade to this rom even though we have updated to the secany 6.5 rom the latest one? i have updated the eboot and phone part as well cause i just update he pda with this?
  2. i really hope they fix this memory issue ;) i've reached 10mb a few times already and the phone haults very slowly. I hvae reverted to the acer f1 for the time being and it faces no memory issues that i have noticed.
  3. Samsung Keyboard - any cooker can CAB it? Does a cab exist for it?
  4. I had reported this issue in the secany rom thread. the issue has been replicated on a few different omnia consisiting of the lastest firmware. even with samsung widgets enabled. normal today screen and the new default home screen from 6.5 We tried reflashing the firmware 3x did a hard reset after usb connection was made in Mass Storage and safely removed form pc. Omnia 2 would leg Active Sync only happend slightly and phone would be operational, though two phones from the 5 did have an issue with active sync and the lag. I think samsung is starting to drop the ball a bit on this.
  5. does anyone have a cab file for the samsung omnia 2 keyboard? i really like it and would like to install it on my other acer device!! anyone know
  6. I've updated to Secany's Latest IK5 rom... But i am not liking 6.5.... when i did the update i did the eboot and phone part of the phone.. Can i downgrade to 6.1 using the HH3 rom? do i have to flash the eboot part ? or can i leave that as is?
  7. Sorry for asking.. what package did you install to get TouchFlo on your Omnia 2
  8. because a member that signed up three years ago, has read various forums and the only way that people have downgraded was going to the samsung service centre in signapore which is kind of hard when i am in canada :D
  9. Win 6.5 i don't think was tested well enough before release to the market or was rushed. end of story with 6.1 i could open apps and close them and Program Memory Levels would return to normal.... minus a very little with 6.5 u open and close apps and the memory drops drastically. since upgrading i've had to soft reset a few times cause of memory levels were too low and the phone was slow as crap. I wish they would allow us customers to downgrade to 6.1 that dn't live in signapore service areas etc this is ridiculous. we paid so much and yet the device stinks with the low levels
  10. I have noticed that with ww 6.5 official from samsung or the ones secany has posted.. even the latest one IK5 - with the widgetplus from sasung disabled on the home screen - nothing running all tasks closed etc I have nothing that the PROGRAM MEMORY drops very fast. I went to bed with 75MB left.. and when i woke up it was at 50MB.. nothing was runnIing. all tasks were closed. Memory Management seems very bad on wm 6.5 or samsung haven't fixed this
  11. i downloaded the lastet secany rom i used UK english EU rom but no matter what settings i select from the time region code i can't get it to work with AM PM it only show 24h format
  12. no one? com on lol someone must know can we downgrade to 6.1
  13. Hello, i just updated my Mylasian Version Omnia from the samsung updater tool but for mylasian it installed a whole bunch of other keyboards. Is there a rom that doesn't install this? ALSO can we change region codes like we did with the i900 to download other firmware?
  14. Hello, For some reason when i go to the samsung keypad and press numbers i only get vibration... so if i press 1 2 4 5 etc i get no dial tone or sound just vibration.. but if i press the back button or end or call i get sound. i went into the sound properties and it's setup as sound and vibration. IF i to a hard reset it starts working again and then i lose it again i dont get it
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