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  1. just a short question, as I am not really sure about this: Can I still root the desire in an easy way after updating to the official gingerbread release? thanks!
  2. GOT IT!!! :) rageagainstthecage rules. more info later.
  3. Hi there, just want to start a new discussion to find help in rooting the parrot asteroid (http://www.parrot.com/uk/products/hands-free-car-kits/parrot-asteroid). This car stereo is based on android cupcake (1.5) and I am interested in rooting it. Soe information of the device: - It has 4 USB ports (hosts). I have no idea about how I could get adb access. (Are there existing adapter cables to use usn host for this?) - I was able to install a terminal emulator on the radio and have a look at the files but no root permissions. - AndRoot and other (soft)root softwares could not root the device - I have no idea how to access a recovery system - there exists firmware files in parrtos' "plf" format. But I don't know how to extract or modify them. Any ideas what could be tried? I have a system dump I did with the terminal emulator here: http://ul.to/iqnqcwc2 any approaches? thanks! -gforums Edit: Tried visionary+, which can not be installed on the device. EDIT2: I tried the rageagainstthecage-arm5.bin file.... Current result: The bin file runs and outputs "forked xxxx childs" but it looks as I don't get superuser access. BTW...Do I need an adb connection to a pc for this? or should everything rund from within the phone?
  4. Oh yes, thanks for that hint! @curl66: Please fix that little typo in your first post. I also started with just pressing "volume up" which is not working without the menu key in addition. Anyway, thanks for that really simple process! Just got my swiss san francisco phone from german ZOLL, removed the simlock and installed this package. Now running nightly build 52. GREAT!!
  5. Hi there, since some days, my htc desire phone (running a DHD custom rom) doesn't show me always a notification for incoming sms. Sometimes it works, sometimes I don't get an icon, nor a sound/vibration or a info on the sms programm icon from htc sense. In case of not getting a notification, I first recognize the incoming message by manually checking the messaging app, where it correctly show the new message. Phone memory is about 43 mb free. I've installed a second SMS App (Go SMS), which I am not using at the moment. Any idea expect wiping/resetting? Might a clear of the messaging app cache work? Anyone with similar issues? thanks guys!
  6. Well I'm not sure when I'll release a r2 of the rom. Currently the only thing I could fix is youtube just by replacing the apk. I don't get the modded htc keyboard to run (not by including it in the rom nor by addig it later manually). As for the other problems: I'm not an android expert - just tried to include all fixes we have so far into this rom. As long as we don't get a newer froyo rom from ZTE or any patches from more experienced member, this remain r1. gforums. EDIT: okay, installing HTC_ime by the app installer works. But not when trying to copy it using adb...why?!
  7. concerning the HTC IME Keyboard mod: Hmm..this is absolutely NOT working for me...tried to include it, tried a complete wipe from data/cache, but still this just FC. Wonder why it is running for other users on 2.2?!
  8. hmm concerning root..I wonder if I forget some file permissions? the rom contains su and busybox and also su has the right preperties AFAIK. and on my SF, after complete wipe of data and cach, I could start titanium backup and got a dialog which asked for superuser permission. will try that again the next days...
  9. Think I'll try to sum up all problems within the next days to create a new rom. It will not contain many new fixes but at least those, which we can find a fix for. just give me some days to do so please! :) thanks guys for the good feedback so far.
  10. don't expect too much from *me* - I only tried to create a rom which combines the fixes we have yet so far. I won't be able to sort out moch more of the actual problems, but if other users will do so, we can pack it in this custom rom. youtube fix is easy - will be in the next release. all other issues probably will stay until other people find fixes! :) best, gforums
  11. Okay, maybe someone is keen enough to give it a try - I had no time to test this for a longer period and am away until Monday evening. This is my first and ALPHA custom rom for the ZTE blade. It is based on the work from all other forum members and includes everything that we have as fix for the current ALPHA rom yet. So, in short (hope I don't forget anything): - Froyo 2.2 - includes superuser and busybox - includes calculator and deskclock from a mcr nexus one rom - maybe calendar is working too - all languages are set available - working gps - standard icons - standard density - removed chinese keyboard - added titanium backup - added "no wifi" indicator - NO OTHER FIXES! Download: gforumscustomrom_r1_froyo_zte_blade.zip Wipe Data/Cache before install. Rom is unsigned. known bugs: - youtube does not work. fix in next release!
  12. using calendar and deskClock from MCR for nexus one now. seem to work fine both! back until monday, then I'll try a first custom rom
  13. sure :-) you're right! things are too buggy. so no custom rom today. But I am also working on it and will see what I can archive. Now, new calendar apk is crashing for me too, whilst it was working 30 min ago :-( calculator is working fine, the clock has some smaller issues...might be worth searching stock clock apk from a froyo rom.
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