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  1. ilkevinli

    Don't have GPStest on my BJ II

    Make sure your using File Manager on the phone and you have "show hidden files" enabled. You can't see it from Active Sync for some reason.
  2. ilkevinli

    Opera Mini On My Q9C?

    Yes and Yes. Do a search for Jbed. Install that and then install opera mini 4.
  3. ilkevinli

    Jbed on the Q9h

    I have Jbed installed on my Q9h and the bottom 1/4 of the screen is cut off. Does anyone know how to correct this ? Does anyone else see the same issue ? Thanks.
  4. ilkevinli

    Q9h ICS missing Bluetooth ?

    Does anyone know why there is no Bluetooth option in the ICS application? Is it like that on everyones Q ? Thanks.

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