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  1. First of all - thank you for the really good work on the cm9 for TMV - runs stable and kinda smooth on a german ZTE Atlas W. Besides i encountered a non violent bug. The voice search doesnt work! the appwindow appears but i can speak as much as i want - nothing happens ... checked the parameter quite a few times without finding the solution myself. Everything seems to be correct. anybody got an idea? can i deinstall it somehow (it looks to be a system app from cm9) and maybe take the one from the playstore instead?
  2. Phoenixx61

    qtek 8080 firmware

    Meanwhile there are lot of dead links (yours too) everywhere and even the official QTEK Services (here in Germany) isnt able to hand correct informations about the legal ROM-Updating. My Situation is: Bought myself a few days ago a brandnew QTEK 8080 in a local handyshop with ROM on it and read in another forum that meanwhile there is a newer ROM (1.10.XXX ?) and that this has permanent bugs in the volume during phonecalls - a shorter battry uptime and so on. But where to find if even the manufacturer won

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