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  1. i have a question regarding the clock, does the clock changes from an hour before then the actual time, i mean like the flipping clock but only digital (gtx edition)? how can i make the clock shows the right time only?
  2. this is just too much ock, this is the best rom you've made hands down!! :) nice animation from boot up to shutdown, the best theme gtx!! bow down to ock!!!
  3. hey ock are you planning on making 21*** ultralite? thanks thanks! great work by the way! :P
  4. hey ock, just wondering if your planning to change your phone? android or omnia 2 or hd2?
  5. yup, you can't install that theme with ocks rom, tried it already with no avail, dunno why the theme won't work :P
  6. i saw a bug and its kinda big, the samsung keyboard is sluggish and so does other keyboard that i install hmmm...
  7. 1. you have to install opera mobile 10 so it would look for the widget but the problem is the widget will connect you to a blank website...hmmm... dunno why 2. in Generel settings then Buttons, assign button2 for camera.exe
  8. not bad, not bad at all, i think you could add ftouchsl so that the scrolling would be more fluid:)
  9. holy cow m2dv2 for the old build thanks ock! ;) btw is the office 2010 expires in your rom? cuz office mobile beta expires at april 5, 2010
  10. bow down to the OCK!!! great work mate!! your roms are the only reason why im not buying a new phone ;)
  11. hey ock, i have a question regarding roms, i've downloaded 23559 in xda forum, after following your instruction, id get an error saying platformrebuilder error, what am i doing wrong? ;)
  12. hey ock great guide ;) , can you put a guide on how to put different kinds of UI, or how to cook m2d or flotitanium in a rom
  13. nice work ock, you should cook it with your roms hehe! ;)
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