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  1. Yikes! £30 for a WM smartphone!!! That cant be right can it? Paul, are they any good though? /me wonders if it could handle WM6 too...
  2. I second that! Also, I found a way to re-map the soft keys! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=279544 That is small addition to the settings menu! You can also use Advanced Configuration Tools v2 http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-downlo...s-v2-0-2-0.html
  3. Ah bugger I did'nt update my e-mail address... :D Anyway you can re-send it? :( *edit* 0o sending shortly! /me updates e-mail address
  4. Its fantastic! I set up z-push on my server (took less than 10mins). Got the WM5 emulator from the M$ website. E-mails (not stored locally) arrived in seconds!!!! If only there was a way to be able to sync with more than one exchange server at a time! Surely there has got to be some sort of workaround?
  5. Hmm this would be fantastic! Though is there a way of adding more than one exchange server in activesync?
  6. http://www.reghardware.co.uk/2008/02/04/ch...hone_knock_off/
  7. How easy and safe is it to upgrade? I wouldnt know the first thing about "un-bricking" the phone.... I'm just used to frying servers and routers....
  8. How straightfroward is it? I'm used to frying harddrives and rack servers not phones.... lol Is there a way to rollback?
  9. Has anyone else upgraded to black? Is it any good? Worth it?
  10. I really like the concept and have installed the trial version. But, cant help finding it to be very very slow! I've installed it on my storage card and it takes about 20-30seconds to open each conversation and maybe about 20-30seconds to open the program itself. Furthermore it wont let me send any messages at all by telling me the number format is wrong - when I know for a fact its correct. Maybe its just me and my WM5 hermes?
  11. Option 1: tell them its not working. Send it in for repair under the waranty see if they dont notice its been pissed on. Option 2: Find out if you've got insurance on your phone, if so see where you covered etc, if its international say ur going on a trip which is why ur calling and after a week "loose" it - not forgetting to cancel the SIM. Option 3: Get your daughter to cry over the phone to Orange. Good luck
  12. Hi guys, As I understand it, if I ADD files to the ext ROM they will be there next time I hard reset. Further if its a CAB (and i config the txt file correctly) it will automatically install the CAB file for me. My question is, where is the CAB installed too? The ext_Rom? Or can install it to the mem card/internal storage? If it installs to the Ext_ROM can I install the Ext_ROM_unlocker.cab to the Ext_ROM?
  13. PIEplus is really good! Minimo unfortunately is WAY too slow, i tried Opera today, didnt like it.
  14. Personally I find myself using Pocket IE the most. Even though I installed Minimo but found it to be very slow - maybe because its installed on my memory card. Would like to give Opera a go, though I didn't like the PC version one bit. What do you use and why? **EDIT: The poll went a bit funny and I cant edit it. There should be an "Other" option which seems to have dissapeared and "Minimo/Firefox". :S
  15. Ok people, need some help! :) I'm trying to change the bootscreen image on my Vario II. After some reading, it looks I cant change the T-mobile image that comes before the windows image "welcomehead.96" without flashing the ROM. Thing is, I cant change the "welcomehead.96.png"!!! I've tried everything I can think of but according to Activesync explore its read-only and in resco explorer its mounted into the ROM memory. Anyone have any ideas as to how I can change it? Also, I was wondering if anyones managed to give their phone a vista type look using Wisbar Advance. I've installed the skin set from the SBSH forums but Im not too impressed.... Anyone have a better one at all? Thanks!! :D
  16. I was thinking of writting up a tutorial on how to connect to a typical (like mail2web) exchange service. Though, I've been thinking about running my own (exchange server) for over a year now... Anyone else done it? You been able to do it without the need of DYDNS?
  17. Just outta curiosity, you running it on a home machine and version 2003?
  18. I can already do that, I have a few exchange accounts, but there is no point linking gmail to exchange, because you can only push one account to your ppc.
  19. I'm so glad I went with t-mob. get 200pounds worth of calls and unlimited data for 42.50 a month!
  20. I would but the prob is I'd like to reply to them from the gmail address and you can only have one smtp proxy per exchange account.
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