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  1. richard lol!! cradles are useless at the end of the day.... but their so cool... I have cradles so I don't loose the damn things. not so much about syncing... since that's done with exchange which syncs with my outlook anyway...
  2. that's ashame... would love to forward my gmail to one of my other exchange accounts...
  3. sorry for the double post but for some reason I can't edit my previous post. what I'd like to confirm with you guys though, is you can only sync with one exchange account at the same time right?
  4. u don't really need a static ip address as long u have some sort of domain pointin to the sever - ie dynamic DNS. what you do need however as previously mentiomed is an A record. more importantly however you need what is called an MX record so that ur mail actually knows where its going! MX records are basically to point the email to the smtp server. unless u NEED ur own exchange server for some reason or other I'd suggest getting either a free mail2web account, a personal exchane account for 2usd/month or a professional exchange account for 11usd/month. the latter allowing you to use ur own domain and sync with outlook. (excuse the spelling mistakes I'm posting this on my phone)
  5. An educated guess would be something along the lines of the Vario is not 100% compatible with Vista and might never be. HTC probably never thought about it when they were making the vario. However you might find that the latest PPC's are, as Vista has already been released. Like I said thats just a guess... :S
  6. As I understand it under the data protection act you should be able to get the IMEI number no problem as it is associated to your account to which you have unlimited access to. If they want to make a big deal about it why dont you just get the insurance company to send you a letter saying that theyve asked you for the IMEI number for so and so and if could T-mobile could confirm and send it along with your letter to t-mobile.
  7. Ive noticed that a few of the words Ive inputted are still there - not all mind you - after reboots, switching off, etc...
  8. I know its a long shot, but is there anyone out there who is signed up on mail2web's "Business Exchange Email" package and has successfully got it going with their own domain? Thanks.
  9. If your really nervous about unlocking it yourself call t-mobile/orange or whoever and ask them for the unlock code. It'll cost ya round £10.
  10. Its a lot clearer now! Thanks allot! :)
  11. Ok, Been reading the forums for a long time and have come accross a few things several times but dont know what they are exactly and was hoping someone could clear it up for me. Ive got a Vario II btw. - What is the ROM? Is it the firmware/software that the phone is running? - What is the extended ROM? - What is the Radio? I'm assuming this is the software side of things that actually runs the telephone application? Thanks guys.
  12. It removes it from playing on the speakerphone or it removes it completely?
  13. Does anyone know of a program that resembles "Scheduled Tasks" in windows. Ie, open a program at $date $time, or switch off or do $function. Or a program that can automatically switch profiles, from silent to vibrate to $profile according to the time? Thanks.
  14. Hey guys, Could someone tell me what the hell is the difference between Storage memory and Program memory! They always seem to be full or half full even though 80% of my data is on my SD card. Also, is anyone else having problems sending/receiving MMS's on their Vario II? Thanks
  15. Havent used it myself but it might be worth taking a look at this? http://www.novomobile.com/smartfilter.php
  16. I'm sure some hardcore PPC coder out there can make a CAB file to replace the letters with icons! :)
  17. Mine rattle too but seem like anything major....
  18. When scrolling my contact list I've always been used to looking for the mobile, home, work icons to make sure I was dialing the right number. Now I find myself constantly calling people on the wrong line because I called contact h instead of m or w. Why on earth would you put letters microsoft?!!! Surely its easier to see what number your dialing if its a lil icon. (im talking about in the contact list when you press left and right on a number) So my question is, does anyone know how I can replace those stupid letters with the icons? Thanks.
  19. It can take up to four weeks for the activation code to come in the mail... I'm still waiting after 3...
  20. I dont think one has been release officially just yet but I remember stumbling accross a post not too long ago in the hermes specific forums about someone being able to mod your current handsfree for free or something.
  21. Allot of people on this forum seem to be running their own exchange servers or signing up to some on the net. I've seen it in action and played around with a free one a while back and I just dont get what is so great about it? I dont see whats so great about Outlook either - but thats a different story. Can whoever uses exchange please tell me what makes it so good? Am I missing out on anything by syncing with my POP3 servers directly and only using outlook to sync contacts?
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