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  1. Pisses me off slightly to tell you the truth... lol
  2. NewsBreak I think thats set at 15min... Will double check. While I'm here would anyone know how to sort contacts by first name? As opposed to last name?
  3. I've just switched off IR beams... Sreen brightness isnt too high either... How bright are all your screens?
  4. Ive got BT, WIFI, and IR off nearly all the time... Though PO is set to check for new e-mails every hour.... hmm...
  5. Hi. Was hoping someone could help me out on the following: - ActiveSync seems to load whenever it wants randomly. I dont use M$ exchange so I know its not that, but why the hell does it keep loading up. Also every time it does I get a message saying it cant assign an IP address within the network or something... Checked my ipsettings and their absolutely fine. - My battery doesnt seem to want to last very long... One day tops moderate usage. Screen brightness isnt too high... Any tips? - Has anyone bought a cradle for their VarioII? Thanks :rolleyes:
  6. Yeah I hate that too! Really really really bugs the hell outta me...
  7. I'm a webhost.... What I meant was, is there a way in pocket outllook to create filters and folders? Or does anyone know a good mail client that has this functionality and a today screen plugin. Thanks
  8. Thats exactly what I need come to think of it...
  9. Hey, am kinda new at all of this, but I got a question for all you lot. I have multiple e-mail addresses assigned to different domains, eg: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] Would it be possible to have them all under the same freagin folder as opposed to having to create an account for each one? and each having its own inbox and trash etc? Tried Flex mail its good, only prob is doesnt show when youve got unread mail on the today screen. (which is practically a must have) Thanks guys.
  10. Yeap thats where it is... Stupid place to put it if u ask me...
  11. TJ Device T-Mobile Vario 2 OS: WM5 Installed it ran it ,in landscape and all the fish that are supposed to cross screen where all blurred and pixelated, when i tried to exit, instead of my usual background I got the cam underneath my today screen... :rolleyes: Had to soft reset. Fishopolis_log.txt
  12. Yeah I spent a long time speaking to the tech team, they gave me a 2nd set of DNS servers i could try which they said were more stable. They also asked me to connect 5 times in 5 hours and get back to them about it. Though in central London today it was fine... Odd...
  13. I had the EXACT same problem as you! Actually ive still got it! Was on the phone with the T-mobile tech team for 30min. In the end they sent me a new phone. Which frankly still hasnt solved the problem cos when i pop the sim into my other 3G device it works perfectly! They were convinced it was the phone cos no one else had had the same problem and my WIFI settings are all automatic. Sometimes it'll work over the 3G and other times it wont. I'm in central London with FULL 3G coverage and find myself stuck on GPRS...
  14. I just sent mine back because of that... Btw is there a WMP plugin to play MPEGS and AVI's or do you have to get a different piece of software?
  15. Excuse the n00bness but the hell is line2?
  16. Turns out there is a problem with the phone so their sending me a new one :rolleyes:
  17. Actually they do :rolleyes: Its called Multi-Sim http://www.t-mobile.co.uk/Dispatcher?menui...siness_bs_cm_ms
  18. thanks for that. Anyone got any ideas why my connection might be so sporadick and always hanging on "Locating" evne though ive changed the DNS's and have 3G coverage?
  19. Is it just me or is it that when you connect to GPRS/3G browse for a bit then close ur browswer, then want to browse after the connections just hang or time out (webnwalk/internet). The only way for it to connect successfully is after a soft reset! Any ideas on this? Also is there a way for the alarm to go off even if the phone is off? Thanks :rolleyes:
  20. Hey guys, great forum you all have here! Supposed to be getting my first windows mobile phone today - Vario II!!!! Should be awesome! Because it seems like you've all had your WM phones for somewhile I've just got a few questions I was hoping some of you could answer :rolleyes: 1 - What, in your opinion is the app(s) you couldnt live without on ur pda? 2 - GPS worth it? 3 - Remote desktop on WM? Is it possible? Not VNC. 4 - Is there a good app to access your files on the move? 5 - Whats the best messenger client? VPN client? SSH client? FTP client? 6 - Is there a good html/php editor? 7 - Best media player? Good video converter to watch movies/series on the move? Last but not least: 8 - Is IE pocket any good? Should one drop it and move to minimo or Opera? Tried to google all of this stuff but only came up with a bunch of crap really, would much rather get opinions from everyday PDA users :( Thanks!
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